Friday, February 22, 2008

Anton Yelchin Talks ‘Star Trek,’ Wessels and Enterprise Aliens - SendMeRSS

As J.J. Abrams’ new “Star Trek” continues to hover on the horizon, all fans can do these days is watch that super-cool teaser trailer over and over again, and hope the “Lost” mastermind is on to something good. Well, according to his 18-year-old Pavel Chekov, Abrams is walking a fine line between reverence and reinvention.

“[Classic ‘Trek’] is dated, and that’s what makes it great,” explained “Charlie Bartlett” star Anton Yelchin. “But at the same time, we are making a big fat action film.”

Yelchin stopped by the MTV studios this week and had some eye-opening things to say about the film’s ending, cameos from past “Trek” actors, whether he’ll deliver Chekov’s “nuclear wessels” line, and the revolutionary presence of “Enterprise aliens” working alongside humans on the ship. But listen up, Blog readers, for a few more juicy details:

- Chris Pine isn’t doing the Shatner-overacting thing: “No, no,” Yelchin insisted when asked. “Everyone is being respectful, but at the same time doing their own thing. I think we’d all look a little ridiculous if we copied the old characters.”

- Tyler Perry’s Enterprise reunion: “Tyler Perry is in the Federation,” explained the new Chekov. “He’s one of the Federation captain officials, of sorts. I can’t spoil what happens, but he’s an official in the Federation.”

- “Trek” is aiming for both new and old-school fans: “It’s a pretty cool action movie regardless of what you think of ‘Star Trek’,” he insisted. “It’s a sci-fi action film. Knowing nothing about ‘Star Trek,’ and going in and reading the script, I was totally fine. I thought it was great, and really interesting, and a lot of fun to read. Obviously, there are special [in-joke] perks if you’ve been a ‘Star Trek’ fan for 40 years. But I hope that anyone would go and see this film, knowing that it’s gonna be an action movie.”

For more with Anton Yelchin, click here to read our full report and to watch additional segments from our interview!

Are you excited, or angry, at the thought of Enterprise aliens? What do you think about Yelchin’s revelations about the film’s final scene? Give us all the opinions you’ve got, Captain!

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