Friday, March 21, 2008

Ridley Scott to Direct DiCaprio in Low Dweller

Just after finishing their collaboration on Body of Lies, actor Leonardo DiCaprio and director Ridley Scott are reteaming on a thriller called The Low Dweller for Relativity Media. The film is based on an original screenplay by a new writer named Brad Ingelsby, a twenty-seven-year-old Pennsylvanian insurance salesman. The Hollywood Reporter says he sold the script for $650,000 against $1.1 million. Plotwise:

Set in Indiana in the mid-1980s, the movie centers on a man (DiCaprio) trying to assimilate into society after he's released from jail, only to find someone from his past pursuing him to settle a score. In addition to the pursuer, a third male character and a female love interest are said to figure prominently in the script.

Relativity was engaged in a major bidding war with Warner Brothers and Sony, all of whom were attracted to the screenplay's potential prestige and profitability that they likened to No Country for Old Men. According to Variety, the film also lends itself to a relatively quick shoot which would be advantageous to busy men like Scott and DiCaprio.


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