Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jaime King Cast in My Bloody Valentine Remake

My Bloody Valentine

Stop with the remakes, please! I love Eli Roth's enthusiasm for cult classic horror flicks like this, but now we've gone too far. Yes, every last holiday has a horror movie made about it - even Valentine's Day. Bombshell beauty Jaime King has been cast as the lead in Lionsgate's My Bloody Valentine 3D. The film is a remake of the 1981 film My Bloody Valentine that's about, you guessed it, a murderer who goes around killing those who celebrate Valentine's Day. Hasn't Hollywood learned its lesson about horror remakes yet?

Long-time film editor and Dracula 2000 director Patrick Lussier will be taking on a script written by first-timer Zane Smith. Production will begin on May 12th for a release date of January 23rd, 2009. Jaime King, known most for playing Goldie in Sin City and Angela Patton in Slackers, will play the character Sarah Palmer, a woman who marries her teenage sweetheart's nemesis (that spells d-o-o-m for them!). "When she and her first love are reunited, it becomes clear that she still carries a torch for the man." What?

Not only does this already sound as bad as the Prom Night remake due out in April this year, but its going to be in 3D?! Really, what has Hollywood come to? I hope these continue to flop so that they can realize its a pointless waste to continue making them. The original films they're based off of are classic for being campy - it doesn't help to try and remake them with a serious tone! I rarely rant like this, but this time I've got to let it out. Anyone care to fight for the other side and try and convince me that this could be good?


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