Monday, March 24, 2008

Common Says Future Of ‘JLA’ Up To The Fans

CommonAfter getting postponed for several months due to the Writer’s Strike, “Justice League of America” got more bad news last week when the film was denied necessary subsidies to shoot in Australia, calling into question whether or not the movie would ever get made at all.

It’s “blackest night” for the high-powered supers. Luckily for them, that’s just about the time when the Green Lantern usually steps in. Only now he’s asking for a little help…yours.

“I would love to say it will go through,” Common, who was cast as John Stewart, the Green Lantern, told MTV News of where he stood with “JLA.” “I pray and hope that it will. Keep speaking it for real and it’s gonna happen.”

A power greater than Superman? Than the Green Lantern’s ring? It belongs to us, Common insisted.

“All of us have the superhero in us,” he enthused as a rally cry.

When Common spoke to us in February, he called being associated with “Justice League” a blessing, particularly because John Stewart was one of the only black superheroes. Now he’s got another reason he hopes it goes forward, a reason a little closer to home.

“For me, my daughter on Halloween she played Wonder Woman. She was Wonder Woman,” Common smiled. “For her to see her dad up there [next to Wonder Woman] - it would be beautiful.”

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but according to Common, the ball’s in our court. Do you want “JLA” to continue? Sound off below.


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