Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Hancock Pics Online

I am really looking forward to Will Smith’s Hancock despite some grumblings around the net that people are not liking it. Well some images came up today and our friends at Rope of Silicon posted a peek:

Well, some new pics from the flick have popped up online. The one above looks like a really early special effects shot that hasn’t been completely fixed up, but the rest are some nice looks at the flick especially our first really good looks at Charlize Theron in the film.

Charlize is always looking so appealing, and I love Bateman. He is just fun in everything he does.

I really like the idea of a supers movie with more of an antihero as the star. Superhero flicks always paint up these heroes like they are nearly perfect paragons of existence with a few minor distracting bits to remind you they are human. I look forward to seeing a Hero that we have too look at VERY carefully to find any redeeming qualities.

But the whole movie will be worth it just to see that clip of Hancock “rescuing” that whale.

You can go over here to look at the pretty pictures in full enbiggendness, but its not in English. It’s ok. We know you just wanna see the pictures anyways.


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