Monday, March 24, 2008

Judd Apatow Talks ‘Drillbit Taylor’ And Not Being A ‘Large Child’

Owen WilsonForget high concept comedies like “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry” and “Walk Hard,” the idea behind “Drillbit Taylor” is a “simple one,” said producer Judd Apatow.

“Kids are getting bullied and they hire a guy they think is a bodyguard when in fact he’s a homeless con man who plans on robbing their families’ houses,” Apatow explained, calling the Seth Rogen-scripted comedy a throwback of sorts to the great comedies of John Hughes.

Which, actually, makes a ton of sense, considering the idea for “Drillbit Taylor” came, well, from Hughes himself - an old concept that was adapted and tweaked by Apatow and Co.

“It’s great John Hughes in the tradition of ‘Uncle Buck,’” Apatow said of the John Candy starrer, “[about] the guy who doesn’t care about you at all who really comes through for you in the end.”

But, aside from Hughes, the biggest inspiration for the movie may very well have come from Apatow himself, who admitted to having a lot of experience with bullies – mostly avoiding them.

“Very early on I had the sense that I was not going to be a large child. That’s how you become a comedy writer, you learn how to make the people who would bully you laugh,” the director confessed. “And then you avoid trouble.

“Even making movies right now,” he laughed, “is me trying to avoid a beating.”

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