Monday, March 24, 2008

Milla Jovovich and Kiele Sanchez Get A Perfect Getaway

Milla Jovovich

Despite hanging up her trademark red dress and pension for slaying zombies, Milla Jovovich is still around and kicking ass. Well - kicking less ass. It's unclear whether she will reprise the sci-fi heroine roles that have earned her such visibility since her latest projects keep her crowded like the rest of us humans. Hollywood Reporter tells us that Jovovich, along with fellow hottie Kiele Sanchez, have officially signed on for David Twohy's thriller A Perfect Getaway.

Jovovich will play alongside the agreeable Steve Zahn as a newlywed couple in Hawaii that happens upon another pair during a hike. Rest assured this doesn't lead to a romantic double-date sort of thing as the two are "vicious killers" and played by Timothy Olyphant and Sanchez. Plot details are a bit thin, but I imagine there will be rampant hiding and chasing throughout the forests of Hawaii. But sadly, I'm sure Jovovich will play a far more vulnerable character than we're used to.

While I dig Jovovich and Zahn, I equally like writer-director David Twohy. Granted, Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick were some time ago, he is still geeky, sci-fi gold in my mind; although, I'd more interested in seeing him secure Jovovich for something along those storylines.

Who I'm not a big fan of is Olyphant. Actually, to be more correct, I'm reserving judgment on him until I see him in more villain roles. I can't say I liked him very much as the bad guy in Live Free or Die Hard. And as Agent 47 in Hitman, he didn't inspire much fear. (Of course, he wasn't a bad guy in this instance, per se.) He's just not very believable as a powerful, commanding badass. Rather, he seems better suited as a soft-spoken psycho that works with his hands. So I'll shelve my opinion for the time being and see how he does in Getaway.

Pitting Olyphant against Jovovich will be a delight. Not to take a jab at Zahn, but Jovovich seems a bit more masculine and fight-worthy. Both will lack heavy firepower and gadgetry, so it should be a pretty interesting conflict.

Jovovich, however, may not come out on top in terms of acting the part. Ordinarily, the actress would have distracting dead masses and fancy kicks to shroud her true thespian prowess (or lack thereof). While I enjoy her, the girl's a little stiff. Unless she's playing a non-English speaking elemental being as in The Fifth Element. But given her previous work in such character-driven films, I'm not yet convinced that her range won't be the scariest part of the film. Hopefully Twohy will help her out with a dark, frenetic atmosphere.

What do you think about pitting Jovovich and Zahn against Olyphant and Sanchez in this?


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