Thursday, March 27, 2008

Transformers 2 Filming Underway?

An intrepid motorist caught some pretty decent camera phone shots of a vehicle in Culver City carrying one of the stars and stunt double of Transformers 2. Is this to say that filming is underway?

Check out FilmSchoolRejects for a couple more shots of the Saleen Mustang/Barricade.

A set of photos sent over by a friend this afternoon might lead you to believe that the filming of Transformers 2 is getting close to being underway. The pictures were snapped from a camera phone in Culver City, and they are clearly Saleen Mustangs with the Decepticon logo on the side.

I have always liked the idea of Barricade being a cop car. What better way for the badguy to hide than in a law enforcement vehicle.

My concern is this, and I hope it gets explained a bit better. The Transformers all seem to have this adaptive power to “scan” a vehicle and take on its look as to better blend in with the vehicles of Earth right? So what Vehicle did Barricade scan that looks like that? Obviously a Mustang pursuit cruiser, but one that has the Decepticons logo on it and “to Punish and Enslave” on it? Do they have the ability to add their own flavour to their hideaway form?

If they have control to change what they look like at will, then why do they scan an earth vehicle at all? My concern isn’t to nitpick, but rather to clarify. Then mostly so that I can say this:

Prime? Seriously… Flames? Come on…


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