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Lost Boys: The Tribe

Okay, I understand that most of you, including Hunter, are not happy with the movie trailer for The Lost Boys direct-to-dvd sequel, Lost Boys: The Tribe. But I think that everyone’s expectations were just so unreasonable high. Many people forget that this project began as nothing more than a direct-to-dvd movie without any returning stars. I also think that many fans are blinded by the nostalgia of the original film. I love the original Lost Boys, but I have had the perspective to step back and look at it for what it was. Lost Boys is not a masterpiece. Some moments are downright cheesy. Heck, it's a Joel Schumacher film (yeah, the same guy who made Batman and Robin). So yes, with The Tribe, the special effects are bad, and the acting is a little worse, but it's better than nothing at all in my mind.

Today, Warner Bros has released a second, longer, movie trailer for The Lost Boys II: The Tribe. Watch it and as always, tell me your thoughts in the comments below (this time I'm sure I'm going to get blasted).

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Discuss: Is anyone still interested in Lost Boys 2: The Tribe?

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User comment: By: look at me
Oh and imdb has Corey Haim listed as being in the maybe he makes a cameo. Still gonna be a shite movie.
User comment: By: look at me
Haha its not like Felman has a choice. I can't imagine he could get much of anything else. But at least he isnt selling his teeth on Ebay like Haim.
User comment: By: Graham
they kind of look like the vampires from 30 days of night
User comment: By: Dan
Perfect for Direct to DVD. I feel sorry for Feldman though. He should have known how bad this was going to be and never did the movie. Corey Haim isn't even in the movie and he's a mess. Shouldn't that have been a sign for Feldman?
User comment: By: Ralli
Looks like the equivalent of every other vampire movie, why complain.
User comment: By: MIKEuncc
I think it would be alot better if they let corey feldman just play every part.
User comment: By: rob
Why is Hansel from Zoolander in this?
User comment: By: Sauce
Suck Monkey...Chuckle.
User comment: By: BJ Penn
Peter said it best "better than nothing" Woulda been sweet with a few more cameos.
User comment: By: Jan
Wow. It's ... indescribable. ...Somehow it reminds me of the direct to video movie "bloody pom poms", a movie about a cheerleading camp out in the middle of nowhere. It's blood, fart jokes, tits and chearleaders. The movie is so bad it's hilarious to watch. Fun trivia: In Sweden the movie "Bloody pom poms" was never sold under that name. No, they didn't translate the title to Swedish, they just gave it a different name; "Bloody Scream". That was after "Scream" had been launched, so I guess it sold a couple of copies on name recognition only. I would never have bought it myself I hadn't seen the original title stowed away in fine print on the bottom edge of the box. This was just random ramblings generated by 41 hours of sleep depravation.
User comment: By: FilmBuff101
You have got to be kidding me. Another waste of film...
User comment: By: jkelly86
"but seriously, we're vampires"...pffff. But seriously, this made my eyes bleed.
User comment: By: whiskey jim
What i can say is am gonna give this one a chance. I've watched the first one too many times over the past month and well,I've been psyched on this one. The trailer am not gonna base anything off that .Anyone known who sangs the new version of little sister in the other trailer?
User comment: By: dave
I don't particulary like both trailers, but as you said lack of the original cast returning however whoever edited both trailers should have given corey feldman more time so to bring back some nostalgia of the lost boys. If he weren't in it , this would be some b vampire flick with the title slapped on. However the film turns out corey feldman will be the saving grace, if it great its because of him, if its crap well he made it a bit watchable
User comment: By: Ben Franklin
I never was, and am still not a fan of the original. I watched it again recently hoping that I might have a different take on the film, all these years on. Alas it wasn't to be, and although it's enjoyable it's real 80's trash. If that same film were released today, it'd get slated. Hang on... That's what's happening here, right? Lost Boys 2 was never going to be amazing, but it actually doesn't look as bad as I thought it would. And I'll definitely give it a go when it comes out. And I didn't take Hunters opinion as gospel anyway, because he pretty much misses the point on most things it seems.
User comment: By: Potato Pope
I like the music, it had the song longer on the first trailer. Sounds like a re-worked Zug Island song. I'm excited and will probably see it in the theater.
User comment: By: Graham
that who ordered the steak line sold me
User comment: By: JDH
"Who ordered the stake?" Best... line... ever.
User comment: By: bob
I think people here were expecting too much out of it, like it was the second coming of Christ or something. Come on guys, it's a direct to DVD sequel of a 20 year old movie, watch it for what it is.
User comment: By: Paolo
Direct to DVD... Suitable.
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