Saturday, March 22, 2008

Typography in Film

I have always been fascinated with the visual, and being a graphic artist, typography often captures me a little more than the average person who just sees words.

How a font lends to the meaning of a word, its feeling, its intentions. This is art people. You so carelessly overlook the deep hidden meaning behind a typeface because you are supposed to. But it impacts you. It hits you deep down. It has meaning deeper than just an assembled set of letters.

This is why I choose to share this little video with you today. This is Samuel Jackson’s rant in Pulp Fiction so be warned THERE IS FOUL LANGUAGE!! It is from a collection of vids online via Always Watching and is a sampling of memorable rants, speeches and statements made famous in film and TV but presented only in audio and typography. I couldn’t watch a whole movie like this, but these work as well as the visual we recall in our heads. Maybe even better.

More videos like this one are shared at Always Watching and I encourage you to go take a look.


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