Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rita Marley to Produce First Bob Marley Biopic - SendMeRSS

Bob Marley's widow is looking to executive produce a biopic of the late reggae singer with The Weinstein Co. handling production and distribution. The film will be based on Rita Marley's 2004 autobiography No Woman No Cry: My Life With Bob Marley. Rita is hoping that she will be played by her "daughter-in-law" Lauryn Hill. I added the quotes as Hill is actually married to Rohan Marley, the son of Bob by another woman named Janet Hunt, so technically Hill is not her daughter-in-law. Can Lauryn Hill act? I honestly don't know. Then again, Mrs. Marley also thinks her grandson Stefan would be perfect for the role of Bob, so she may just be talking.

Lizzie Borden (Working Girls) is currently working on the screenplay in Jamaica. Producer Rudy Langlais is hoping to get production started early next year with a late 2009 release date. This puts it coming out a few months before Martin Scorsese's untitled documentary which is set for release on Marley's 65th birthday, February 6th, 2010.

According to THR, "The musician will be played by two actors, one portraying him at age 15 and another as an adult, with the option of the original songs, covers sung by an actor or a Ray-style blend of the two all possible for the soundtrack."


[Rita] Marley plans to be on the set every day. "Every inch of me is in there," she says, "and I don't want a fairy tale or Cinderella story."

Man, the director is going to hate her being there after like day two. "Cast my grandson! Cast my daughter-in-law! That's not what Bob wore that day!" Still, it's a story that's been begging for the Hollywood treatment for years (for better or worse).

-David Morgan 

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