Monday, March 3, 2008

Kevin Rubio’s Troops turns 10 - SendMeRSS

The grandaddy of all Star Wars fan films turns 10, and its director and writer Kevin Rubio wrote a letter to The to commemmorate it.

The quotes Rubio’s letter:

I don't think most people ever plan on being the first in anything. I like to think that, as with TROOPS, it happens by accident more often than we realize. And while I have done other things in the entertainment industry, including the up coming new series: THE CLONE WARS, But TROOPS is still by far my most recognized and well known contribution in the world of entertainment. And I think it is so because so many other talented people contributed to it.

This Star Wars fanfilm phenomenon is credited to Kevin Rubio and even The Movie Blog founder John Campea appeared in his own production called the Rise of the Tradiz (A Godfather/Episode One spoof) which cameos Paul Enz of Red5Comics which Rubio also writes the superhero comedy Abyss.

Countless other films of varying quality and length have appeared all over the net over the last decade. All hoping to make their mark and all succeeding in some way.

This is a lasting legacy driving the fanbase rabid and keeping the franchise alive in those desperate moments between Star Wars releases.

Thanks Kevin!

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User comment: By: rafa1215
John, can I see Rise of the Tradiz? Is it online?
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