Monday, March 3, 2008

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Movies Online gives us a look at an image from the XBox 360 release of IronMan: The Video Game

Considering the technology they used to make the movie IronMan effects, it is no suprise that they would carry it over to a video game. Sure, the cartoon look is awesome too, but why not set yourself apart and make a REAL looking game.

As if I needed another reason to get an XBox, and now this comes out. I am so happy that I already have an HD TV as Ironman is going to look so GREAT on my screen. Even better will be how good I will look controlling this badboy!

Movies Online has links to more images.

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User comment: By: Omar
As with most movie related video games I'm guessing this one will pretty much suck. Nothing against the movie though, just rushed out, half assed attempts at a movie cash in video games.
User comment: By: Bishop
I may have to play this game. I was NEVER a big Iron Man fan, but the combination of the movie and the video game look nothing short of spectacular. That being said, super hero video games TEND to be poor.
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