Saturday, March 8, 2008

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Tropic Thunder

Although it is set to officially debut next Wednesday night, the trailer for Ben Stiller's Vietnam War epic Tropic Thunder has arrived online at the official site. This is that "controversial" movie we talked about a few days ago that had Robert Downey Jr. as a black man. You can read about that mayhem here, but I think you'd rather watch this teaser trailer. As far as I know, the full trailer may yet debut next week, but this should hold you over. If you're ready to feast your eyes on this, have at it.

This is a red band trailer which means you'll have to enter your information to verify your age to watch it. We'll update it once we have our own copy.

Click the photo below to watch the new trailer for Tropic Thunder:

Tropic Thunder

Watch the trailer over at:

Unfortunately you have to watch the trailer on that site, but I guarantee you - it kicks ass! This movie is seriously looking good, and it is very rare I'd say that about a Ben Stiller movie. Once we have a better copy of the trailer we'll post it again, but enjoy this one for now!

Directed by and starring Ben Stiller and written by Etan Cohen ("King of the Hill", Idiocracy) and well-known actor Justin Theroux (who also stars in the film), Tropic Thunder arrives in theaters everywhere this summer on August 15th

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Link - Comments - Alex Billington - Fri, 07 Mar 2008 16:33:37 GMT - Feed (2 subs)
User comment: By: Icarus
Robert Downey Jr. as a black guy. Hilarious. A little racy, hopefully it doesn't offend anyone, but hilarious. I'll wait to see an actual trailer before passing any judgment.
User comment: By: Brad Skip the age/detail verification.
User comment: By: Zac
I'd like to watch it but as a Canadian I don't have a zip code. Can't enter one anyway because it won't work.
User comment: By: Markus
Wow, in what way does this "kick ass"? That's a really bad teaser-trailer. Dont get me wrong, i'm super psyked over this movie but na, this is not much to cheer for.
User comment: By: George
Not watching this, was going to watch this. Not going to enter my name etc to watch a commercial. If they want me to watch their commercial they won't make me jump through hoops.
User comment: By: Djo
Is this riffing on Rescue Dawn or just the whole Vietnam War movie genre? I trust Ben Stiller- but it is a little out of nowhere. Robert Downey looks ... well, absolutely NOTHING like Robert Downey. I've heard they screened his performance in front of some civil rights groups or something, and apparently his full commital won their seal of approval. Mind you, he is the son of the man who made the Blaxploitation movie "Putney Swope". (Which I sincerely, sincerely hope they wind up re-making or updating... I actually know the assistant to Robert Downey Sr. and he said they're in talks w/ Dave Chappelle about remaking...)
User comment: By: Ryan
LOOKS SO GOOD BUT THE TRAILER WONT WORK FOR ME! It says it cant verify me info.! WTF?!
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