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Meet Bill Trailer

Before Aaron Eckhart becomes Harvey Dent, before Jessica Alba becomes Nancy Callahan (again), and even before Elizabeth Banks becomes Miri, there is Bill. Yep, this is the comedy that no one knows about. Meet Bill stars Aaron Eckhart as Bill, a guy whose "life isn't going according to plan." I remember seeing this in the Toronto Film Festival line-up last year, but never ended up making it to a screening. Now the indie company First Look Pictures is finally putting it out in April and it seems like a middle-of-the-line comedy that could go either way. This is another classic case of a movie with lots of good actors that's being forgotten, so don't miss it!

Question: Which one do you like more - Jessica Alba or Elizabeth Banks? And does anyone think this has an Office Space feeling to it?

Watch the trailer for Meet Bill:

Meet Bill is co-directed by husband / producer Bernie Goldmann and wife / first-time filmmaker Melisa Wallack with a screenplay by Wallack as well. The film premiered last year the Toronto Film Festival to quite negative reviews, being called "basically entertaining yet entirely forgettable." Meet Bill arrives in limited theaters on April 4th.

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Link - Comments - Alex Billington - Sat, 01 Mar 2008 00:23:09 GMT - Feed (2 subs)
User comment: By: Ali
Hmm. It just seems beneath the talents of both Aaron and Elizabeth. Very much a collect the paycheck, filler kinda gig.
User comment: By: Gordon
This looks like thoroughly mediocre crap, in spite of a mostly good cast. I don't think even Eckhart, who made the otherwise so-so Thank You For Smoking good, will be able to save this movie for me.
User comment: By: Spider
Seems like it's being released to capitalize on Eckhart's looming publicity from "The Dark Knight"....or to try to scrape some box office before going directly to DVD. Elizabeth banks is a revelation, now being seen in more flicks and very hot too. Jessica Alba is the hot eye candy that every flick must have, but at this point, she seems a little over exposed. I'm sure this flick will be a hit on DVD, if for any reason, ahem, few theaters pick it up!
User comment: By: Nunya
Elizabeth Banks all the way. She's a great comedy actress. Loved her guest role on Scrubs. And, she's f*cking Seth Rogan (with a strap-on).
User comment: By: Heckle
Um...Alba is hot but looks ehhh in this. Banks is gorgeous. Movie doesnt remind me of Office Space at all. And doesnt look that good.
personally, I wouldnt want the bitch back...let her keep boning the news guy and take the new goes on...
User comment: By: Vega Bro
Aaron Eckhard looks like he's on his worst game, Jessica Alba is typical shit, and the plot of the movie is bad for a sit-com. Only reason to watch this is for Holmes Osborn, who doesnt even seem to be in it that much. Shame.
User comment: By: Charlie
I have this weird feeling that Eckhart will improve his life and win back Banks, only to find out it was Alba he was meant for the whole time. That wouldn't be bad if there are laughs along the way. I don't get that impression.
User comment: By: Ryan
Wasn't Lohan supposed to be in this too?
User comment: By: Stabmaster Arson
Jessica Alba is movie poison.
User comment: By: Kevin
Looks like a good movie. Throw out Jessica Alba and the cliche "hire professional hot chick" idea and it could be a great movie.
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