Thursday, March 20, 2008

Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li Cast Confirmed

Street Fighter

Back in February we brought you some casting updates for the upcoming flick Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li that is currently in development. Capcom, the developer and publisher of the popular video games series, just announced an official cast for the second film based on the franchise. If you recall, the very lacking first movie was released in 1994, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme as the lead character Guile. Now it's time for Capcom to redeem themselves come 2009.

Speaking of Van Damme, his non-existent career seemingly continues, as he is not a part of the main set of characters according to Capcom's statement. However, many popular Street Fighter characters are absent, as well, including Ryu, Ken, Blanka, etc. Presently, the team leading the film only includes the five we bring to you below.

Interestingly, Capcom states that the movie's intended 2009 release is part of their 20th Anniversary for the widely popular game. Street Fighter came out in 1987, so when the movie hits, it'll actually be the 22nd year the game's been around. Sorry for being picky, but come on.

I haven't located any details about the film's plot and why they're basing it on the character, Chun-Li. There's been allusion to the flash-kicking female being one of the most popular characters of the franchise. I never thought that, personally, when I was into the games. Chun-Li seemed forgettable, but perhaps there's a deep back-story there I'm unaware of, or enough potential to develop a feature-length film. I suppose we'll see. First-time screenwriter Justin Marks authored the script and Doom director Andrzej Bartkowiak is helming.

Given the roster of characters, I did a bit of research to find the thread between them. Here's what I found: At one point in the Street Fighter series, M. Bison kills Chun-Li's father. Working as an Interpol investigator, Chun-Li teams up with Charlie Nash (of the US Air Force), to take down Shadaloo, the crime organization headed by Bison. And at some point during his tenure as crime boss, Bison employed both Balrog and Vega as henchmen/assassins. It's anyone's guess if these details will turn into an actual plot.

» Chun-Li - Kristin Kreuk
Plays Lana Lang in the WB series "Smallville." She certainly has the look, but does she have the legs?

Kristin Kreuk as Chun-Li

» M. Bison - Neal McDonough
Most recently, McDonough played the naïve sheriff in The Hitcher. Can he pull off the bad boss M. Bison? McDonough has a slightly devilish look, but he doesn't exactly have a threatening physical presence.

Neal McDonough as M. Bison

» Balrog - Michael Clarke Duncan
Given his size, Clarke Duncan has played many an imposing figure (e.g. Kingpin in Daredevil). I imagine this was an easy choice.

Michael Clarke Duncan as Balrog

» Vega - Taboo
Now this is an interesting casting choice. One fourth of the Black Eyed Peas, Jaime Luis Gómez (aka Taboo) doesn't exactly have a breadth of acting experience. (Not that it really matters in this instance, though.) But with his unique Mexican/Native-American look, he seems a decent fit for the exotic, cloaked Spaniard.

Taboo as Vega

» Charlie Nash - Chris Klein
I'm sure young girls will swoon at this choice, especially if Klein goes blonde for the role. At 6'1" he has a decent frame and physique that aligns well with the character.

Chris Klein as Charlie Nash


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