Friday, March 14, 2008

Spielberg to direct first TinTin, Jackson Second - SendMeRSS

Peter Jackson and Steven Speilberg have announced that their TinTin Trilogy project is well underway and they have announced their choice for directors. Each other.

Cinematical says:

As you may remember, Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson are collaborating to bring the popular Tintin series to life. Now comes the news, from a recent Andy Serkis interview, that Spielberg intends to tackle the first film and Jackson the second. No one yet knows who might be directing the third film./blockquote>I was never a fan of TinTin, but it still registered on my radar. I had no idea it had enough of a following to justify a movie with such big names behind it.

Are you looking forward to this because Spielberg and Jackson are directing the first two chapters?
Or are you looking forward to it because it is a TinTin Movie?

Or did you just Google TinTin to find out what it is all about?

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User comment: By: Pancho
Tintin is not only very popular in Europe; here, in Sudamerica his fame is tremendous; In the USA, maybe is less known because the proliferation of vernacular comics, the economical protection of the industry and the prejudges to the european cultural products, but Tintin have an enormous potential to attract the fans of adventures. Further is a magnificient work of art, and maybe the most notorious comic character, beside the french Asterix and Obelix, ever created in Europe. (sorry for the possible gramatical and syntactical faults, i'm not accustomed to write in english)
User comment: By: rafa1215
I hope Spielberg explains a lot about this character on the screen. A lot of us over here don't know who/what Tin Tin is. We know the dog Rin Tin Tin but not no Tin Tin.
User comment: By: Mozzerino
@shadopup I second that, Tin Tin is HUGE in Europe. It's probably a bit like THE SMURFS, who are also much more popular in the old country than in the US. By the way, the dog was called "Struppi" in the german version.
User comment: By: Mozzerino
I'm really curious about this project. Obviously because of Spielberg and Jackson, but also because of the property as well. Tin Tin is one of the biggest and influential projects in the history of comics and I loved the books as a kid and they posses a timeless quality. In Spielberg's hands, this will probably turn out to be a bit like ADVENTURES OF YOUNG INDY. I hope they can turn this into exciting adventure movies without going crazy with big CGI-creatures and monsters. The comics never were about that. They were always about exotic locations, but didn't cross over into the supernatural too much. Tin Tin himself is a tricky part too play though. While he works in the comics, he has the tendency to come across kind of strange in life-action I suppose. Maybe Freddie Highmore could play him. Or Daniel Radcliffe (just kidding). I'm looking forward to this.
User comment: By: shadopup
Tintin is actually super popular in Europe. It's creator is Belgian and thus is particularly recognized amongst French speakers though the comics have been translated into many different languages. I liked the comics and the cartoons as a kid growing up in Quebec. I'm not surprised that the rest of North America has not heard much of Tintin. Kind of reminds me of the Rain post. Never heard of him so he must not be popular...wrong (crazy popular singer/actor in South Korea). Same thing with Tintin. Maybe this blog could use another blogger who's more aware of pop culture, actors and movies from outside of Hollywood. It could be a fun movie with nice scenery trekking around Europe. Now as for my thoughts of a live action Tintin definitely could work but I really liked the cartoons. It does have a nice combination of adventure and silly somewhat predictable humor. Personally I've always liked the dog named "Snow" in English or "Milou" in French.
User comment: By: Steve L.
First thought that came to mind was, "what the hell is Tin Tin?". Then I proceeded directly to Google...Yea, no interest what so ever.
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