Monday, March 3, 2008

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Found via our friends over at MoviesOnline, it appears that AICN has a “scooper” that is telling them a Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is indeed on the way and that such a film (whatever it will be about… no details are really given) is being targeted for a 2011 release.

First thing I have to obviously say is take anything from a “scooper” with a giant grain of salt. Having said that, let’s proceed with the rest of this post assuming the information to be true. It brings a couple of thoughts to mind:

1) No one is surprised - The films make more money than porn (not really… it’s just an expression), and no matter how bad the last couple of them were, they still made money. This is the movie BUSINESS, and if they think there is more money to be made… then they’ll do it. And so would you.

2) A Pirates of the Caribbean 4 focused on Jack and Barbossa could interest me - Let’s face it, each Pirates movie has gotten progressively worse and worse. The first one was brilliant, the second one was just below mediocre, and the third one was absolute shit. The films got further and further away from their main strengths… namely Captain Jack and Captain Barbossa. If you make a 4th one about these two characters and keep the story tight instead of floundering all over the place, I COULD get excited about it… but even then I doubt it at this point.

3) In the name of all that is good and holy… no more Orlando Bloom or Keira Knightly - I love Knightly, but her character has been nothing but a dead weight in these films. She needs to go. As for Bloom… he needs to consider a career change, or pray he can be an elf again in the Hobbit movies.

So what about you? Does the notion of a Pirates 4 excite you? Repulse you? indifferent?

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User comment: By: Kristina
I've had enough. NO.
User comment: By: DarthMuppet
I agree with you to an extent John... I also think that a focusing on Jack Sparrow/Barbossa could be very interesting. I gotta' say though, I never agreed with your opinion of the second and third films in the series. I know I'm most likely in the minority here, but At Worlds End is actually my favorite film of the series. I've also never really had a problem with either Knightly or Bloom's work in Pirates. I've never really been a huge fan of KH, but I thought she did a decent job in the Pirates films. Another thing that I'm sure will put me in the minority is my take on Orlando Bloom... I actually think the guy is a pretty decent actor and I've never really understood what everyones problem with him was. Just check him out in the director's cut of Kingdom Of Heaven(not the horrid excuse for a film that was the theatrical cut... terrible, terrible film... but the director's cut is a classic), you really get to see how good the guy can be in that version. If the Director's cut had been the version that was released in theaters, I don't think everyone would rag on the guy they way they do. Who knows, I may just be waaaaay off base here. Wouldn't be the first time. That's not to say that I want Orlando or Keira back in any further Pirates films or anything. Their characters' story lines were brought to a close and to bring them back would just be plain idiotic.
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