Friday, March 21, 2008

Nothing To See This Weekend? Hang On, My Friends...

No good movies to watch this weekend?No, this isn't movie news, but with Rotten Tomatoes so far rating Drillbit Taylor at 22% and Shutter at 17% I thought this was timely and hysterical to boot. :-)

A fellow by the name of Tom Brazelton runs a web-comic perfectly suited to my tastes: It's all about the (mainly) frustration and (sometimes) joy of going to the movies. As it happens most of the time the point he makes in his comics jives perfectly with my opinion, and with my openly admitted love of Iron Man this one tickled me enough to share it with you.

Read on for the whole thing (don't worry, it's only four panels).

Comic courtesy of the very funny

Tom puts out a new one every week, so if you liked this one be sure to check out his site!

Thanks to my bud Alex at First Showing and Tom over at Theater Hopper.


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