Friday, March 7, 2008

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New Iron Man Movie Poster[UPDATED: I guess my bud over at ReelComix got a fuzzy, but international version of the poster. I've updated this with a clear look at that version as well.]

Thanks to my bud Pete over at /Film for alerting me to this new (final?) poster for Iron Man. I thought he was talking about the same one that popped up this morning on ReelComix, but this one is different and much sharper in detail.

This poster is much different from the ones that have come before. That's just a peek up on the left, for the full version scroll on down.

Iron Man poster 3
Final Iron Man movie poster

I'm not quite sure whether I like this one or not. As I've read mentioned elsewhere, it seems to have a very early 80's, Star Wars feel to it. I don't know if that was the intent, but it's how it comes across.

My guess is that this poster is targeting the mainstream audience who still doesn't know what the movie is about or who is in it? Remember, not everyone out there is a daily movie website reading junkie like we are. :-)

Here's an addition - the international version of the above poster:

International version of new Iron Man poster
International Iron Man poster

Not to do the usual movie site beg for comments, but seriously, what do you think? Maybe you can sway me...

Iron Man opens on May 2nd.

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