Thursday, March 20, 2008

Neil Marshall Next Directing Hugh Jackman in Drive


After showing us in Doomsday both how well he can shoot a Bentley driving at high speeds and how big of a flop one movie can be, director Neil Marshall is already gearing up for his next film - Drive. Based on a novel by James Sallis, the story is about a Hollywood stunt driver who moonlights as a getaway car driver in heists. Hugh Jackman is already attached to play the leader character and Universal wants to push this into the fast track and get it made this summer.

The script for Drive was adapted by Hossein Amini, of Jude, The Four Feathers, and Killshot. In the book, the stuntman's already-exciting existence gets jolted when he discovers that a contract has been put out on his life. Marshall explains his interest: "This is something I haven't done before, and I've wanted to bring a British sensibility to an L.A. shoot and a scorched classic film noir concept. Hoss is a fantastic writer, and he's written three amazing car chases in the film. He's turned them into dramatic scenes as opposed to the usual crash, bang, wallop. I would like to be shooting it this summer."

Although we previously announced that Marshall was also attached to a Universal horror film called Sacrilege, it sounds like he's trying to get Drive made before he goes back to his horror roots. After seeing Doomsday over the weekend and being quite unimpressed, I'm no longer confident in Marshall. I respect his enthusiasm for filmmaking (as documented here), but it doesn't mean he can turn out a good film. This sounds like a great concept and a fun idea that I hope he doesn't butcher like he did with Doomsday - but thankfully he didn't write this script. Anytime I hear stunt driver from now on, only one person comes to mind - Suntman Mike!

Do you think Neil Marshall could pull off a good stunt driving movie?



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