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The Incredible Hulk Trailer

After waiting and waiting, we now finally have the very first trailer for the upcoming Marvel superhero movie The Incredible Hulk. Starring Edward Norton as Bruce Banner and Liv Tyler as Betty Ross, the movie is a completely new envisioning of the big green abomination that has no connection to Ang Lee's 2003 Hulk film. This trailer is pretty well edited, I'm impressed, but I'm still not sure. Please don't tell me the entire movie takes place on that street? I hope there is a LOT more Hulk fighting than that! Check this out and let us know your thoughts!

I didn't know Hulk was in Matrix Revolutions? Is that too much of a copy or is it a good build up for even greater things to come? In regards to the issue with Marvel and Ed Norton, apparently I had heard that Norton wanted a darker movie, but Marvel prefers them to be more "family friendly." It's certainly apparent with this trailer that that doesn't look like they're going for more "family friend", but who knows, since we don't see too much. Your thoughts?

Watch the first trailer for The Incredible Hulk:

You can also watch The Incredible Hulk trailer in High Definition on MTV

The Incredible Hulk is directed by French filmmaker Louis Leterrier of The Transporter, Unleashed, and The Transporter 2. The script for the film was originally written by Zak Penn (Behind Enemy Lines, X-Men 2, X-Men 3), but after joining the film as the lead character Bruce Banner, Edward Norton himself took over the reigns and re-wrote the screenplay. The Incredible Hulk arrives in theaters on June 13th.

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Link - Comments - Alex Billington - Wed, 12 Mar 2008 16:20:34 GMT - Feed (2 subs)
User comment: By: jason
Ok cgi experts,(whateverthafucevr) instead of saying that the cgi looks bad, maybe explain why. because as far as i could see, it was just fine with me. lots of detail and realistic movement. christ, you complainers are so goddamn jaded and cynical, picky and whiney. just shut the fu%% up and go back down in your mother's basement where you can roll your faggy D& D dice. this movie is not Broke Back Hulk .
User comment: By: Chuck
YES! It going to be awesome. GO ED! Go away all yo haters.
User comment: By: I hate dumb asses
First off, this looks awesome, 100% better than the first, and for all you negative suns o btches who get on here and do nothing but complain, its real simple, if you dont like it then dont watch it and shut the f up. no matter what is on here, all youre going to do is complain, so just go back to your sad pathetic lives and SHUT UP! Id like to see you do better... idiots.
User comment: By: dave west
User comment: By: EDA
The first Hulk was a great action movie this seems like a great comic movie CG looks fine. how real can a big green angry guy look? Abom looks sick :p 1) TDK 2) Iron Man 3) HULK long live comic book movies!
User comment: By: Tim Clovefield
Bravo Ian! Some of youn shouold listen to him...and Ed Norton's Brilliance! This is gonna Rock for God's Sake....and the rumor could be true with Iron Man and the the Avenger tie in.....What a crop of films coming our way to blow our minds!
User comment: By: Sinner
Sweet!! I liked the first Hulk film & this looks almost exactly like it! I'll check it out.
User comment: By: Djo
All I have to say is- Louis Letterier claims two things, in an interview at -Bruce will change into the Hulk in the first 3 minutes. -The battle scene w/ Abomination in NY will be about 26 minutes long. Can someone say- "WTF?????" This is gonna be SO good. Let's see if we can get this Bruce Banner guy to stay in theatres long enough to go head to head w/ that other Bruce... Mr. Wayne... At a $150 million budget, they should be able to produce new trailers & commercials for this every 2 weeks, even after its in theatres... I predict that Indy & perhaps Sex in the City will still be in theatres by the time HULK's released- and I don't think being sandwiched btw/ Kung Fu Panda and Get Smart bode too well... It's being released simultaneously against M. Night's "the Happening", too, which unfortunately for Hulk is not looking that bad... They'd better market the HELL out of this movie- either way, I know I'LL be there to see it!
User comment: By: Young
this looks great! Norton is going to make a greak Bruce, Live Tyler seems to draw us in emotionally, that that guy from Pulp Fiction rocks! the trailer did its job- get us interested. I'm excited. Thanks!
User comment: By: Ian Kazimer
All I see is "The CG looks like garbage!" Do you guys remember the superbowl spot for Iron Man? particularly the scene where Stark shot a rocket at that tank? Compare that scene in the superbowl trailer to the new trailer. This is what we call progression. This is what we call post work. Animated movies are often worked right up until their absolute deadline. Hold your CG criticism until you're actually watching the movie.
User comment: By: booger
Wow, we've really gotten spoiled with special effects haven't we. A lot of you say that it looks cheesy and cartoony. We should be happy that it looks that good. Have you ever seen a green skinned person in real life, and not one that's painted. That's probably as close to real as it's gonna get until a huge jump in technology happens. What would you rather have, Lou Ferrigno?
User comment: By: JONO
User comment: By: Ryan
And now who is going to see DOOMSDAY? :)
User comment: By: Ryan
Yeah, this is NOT appealing to me. Actually the fight scenes remind a LOT like the Hellboy 2 trailer. I don't think I will end up seeing this one, along with most of America. The first Hulk came out to recently to be forgotten. Maybe wait another 5 or so years but the bad taste is still in our mouths.
User comment: By: Robert W.
Abomination looks like he's been near the resonator from "From Beyond".
User comment: By: FISHBONE
I may be totally incorrect, but I coulda swore I read somewhere that the moviemakers decided against using CGI for the new Hulk??Of course it would have been during the development stages of the film that I would have read that.Was really interested in how they would have pulled that off.Anyone else remember reading that?Maybe I was smokin crack or somethin that particular day.
User comment: By: Don P
I just watched the trailer like 5 more times and it looks more amazing everytime i see it. Can't wait to see the cross scene with tony stark I'm fina go buy the first hulk to get me pumped up for this one. GAMMA WAVE!!! this is going to be a big year for movies but it would have been a great year one if they would have never pushed Dragonball all the way back to next summer WTF!
User comment: By: Erwin
I am sorry but it looks like this one is going to tank like the first one, Maybe the Hulk is not a superhero to be making it in to a movie.
User comment: By: Tirrell
The preliminary trailer looks good & I thought the CG looked good as well. I agree with #42 their big green monsters their not gonna look real. It also did give away a lot of the movie but then who really cares I'm still gonna see it's not like we all don't know the story of the Hulk anyway. The first film was horribly slow, had a terrible villian and ended horrible. I like Hulks new color it makes him seem darker more evil. I really don't care about what film does what I'm a see them all, I'm fans of TDK, Ironman, and Hulk so I really hope they all do well. Lets hope in the next trailer we can see just a little more of the Hulk.
User comment: By: Bruce
I dont care!!!!!! what u guys say, the Hulk is a bad-ass, I love the Hulk i have read almost all his comic, and for the movie? I think is as close and real to the comic as it can be....... i just hope instead of reading comic books they will make it as a movie ill see them all......... thanks and (bow)
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