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Joshua JacksonA few days ago we brought you news that Chris Cooper was ‘this’ close to snagging the role of Lt. James Gordon in “Batman Begins,” and wondered what it would be like if the Oscar-winner took the part instead of Gary Oldman.

That’s nothing, though, compared to the what-if game with Bruce Wayne himself.

“I went and did the screen test,” “Shutter” star Joshua Jackson revealed to MTV News. “I was one the last four or five guys [up for the role of Batman.]”

Jackson as Batman over Christian Bale? It’s hard to believe how different the film would have been had he nabbed the part – perhaps most of all to Jackson himself.

“I don’t like to lose any job, but they cast the right guy,” he said. “I mean, Christian Bale was excellent. I don’t really think of myself in a sort of comic book hero way, you know what I mean? This might be why I didn’t get that job.”

It’s hard to say, of course, why Jackson didn’t steal the role. But it certainly wasn’t from a lack of understanding of the character, a crime-fighting vigilante Jackson called “a tremendously f—ked up human being.”

“Batman is a man dealing with a deeply f—ed up childhood that has now carried itself forward. As a grown man he dresses up as a bat, goes and kicks the shit out of people at night. That’s a dark place,” Jackson said of what he would have focused on in his alternate universe portrayal. “And, you know, he is not a super hero so it hurts. He is obviously some sort of sadist. It’s not funny, the infliction and the feeling of pain.”

When he lost out on Wayne, Jackson seemed to have given up the goal of playing a super…for now at least.

“You know, honestly, out of the big super heroes the guy that I would most naturally be a fit to play is Spider-Man, but that one is pretty well locked up,” he said of the role made famous by Tobey Maguire. “And, frankly, I’m too old to play that character because the parable of Spiderman is the teenager going through puberty.”

But there will be a “Spider-Man 4,” and Tobey hasn’t officially signed on…

“Well then, yeah,” Jackson laughed. “That was really subtle of me putting my name in the hat.”

What do you think? What sort of Batman would Jackson have made? And would he be a good replacement for Spider-Man? Sound off below.

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User comment: By: JWS
I could see him as a potential riddler in the batman franchise, and I think he has the sense of humor that would be required to give spiderman the quips he was seriously lacking in the films.
User comment: By: Cole
I could see Joshua as a Hal Jordan/Green Lantern but that's it otherwise he's a big "nope."
User comment: By: Zoe
Joshua Jackson could play any role. Are you kidding? He's totally underestimated as an actor! Can't wait to see him in Fringe next Fall.
User comment: By: Matthew
Joshua Jackson would have made a fantastic Bruce Wayne, he has the natural carisma for it. Sure, it would have been a completely different interpretation, but that doesn't mean worse. He would have found it harder to pull off 'Batman' though. And as Spiderman? I think that's a brilliant idea. Now that Spidey's three films in, he can play the seasoned Spidey, who still has issues with life. Jake Gyllenhall just looks like Tobey. His acting style doesn't suit comic book. Jackson would be perfect for the role.
User comment: By: M.Heart
JOSH AS PETER PARKER? LMAO! Come on now. That's like saying Elijah Wood could be Superman. I'm pretty sure that he had nothing on Bale and that's why he missed out. And if Tobey is stupid enough to leave Spiderman, the obvious and perfect choice would be Jake Gyllenhaal.
User comment: By: Greg
Without being overly critical, I've never really seen anything that would suggest Jackson has the acting prowess to pull off the role. I love Bale as Batman and it's hard to imagine this Dawson Creek alum portraying him. In terms of Spider-man...well that trilogy really jumped the shark for me with the third film. However I generally like Tobey Maquire but his googley eyed portrayal became a little strained in the third one. I suppose Jackson looks similar to the part, however once again there seems to be much better choices. I mean if Tobey Maquire doesn't come back Jake Gyllenhall seems a smart choice considering their similarities.
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