Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday the 13th Gets an Unremarkable Lead - Jared Padalecki

Jared Padalecki

Like Indiana Jones, Rambo and other '80s icons going through reincarnation, Jason Voorhees will be back. And the drowning at Crystal Lake that spawned the masked monster will apparently be investigated by CW's "Supernatural" Jared Padalecki in the upcoming Friday the 13th remake. Personally, I thought the Texas-native was annoying and useless as Wade in House of Wax, but I assume I'm in the minority. Hollywood Reporter tells us that Padalecki in the final stages of being cast as a lead in the remake, slated for - you guessed it - Friday, Feb 13th, 2009.

If you liked the 2003 Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, you might enjoy the remake of this franchise as well, being that much of the same management is involved. Assuming the same roles as in Massacre are director Marcus Nispel, and producers Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form. The writers, too, have pretty topical (albeit lame) experience; Damian Shannon and Mark Swift were writers on Freddy vs. Jason. Is that a help or hindrance?

Really, the character of Jason Voorhees has been bastardized a bit over the years. Jason X (2002) and Freddy vs. Jason (2003) did nothing positive for the iconic Hockey mask-wearing psycho. I wonder what the Friday the 13th remake might do for the franchise and what prominence Jason will have. If you remember, in the original Friday, Jason was not yet a full-blown murderous force. Rather, his character is the subject of flashbacks by Voorhees' mother. With the detail that Padalecki will investigate the drowning of Jason as a child at Crystal Lake, can we expect a similar take on Jason's character as in the original? In other words, is this remake going to deny us some good machete mayhem?

Hollywood Reporter tells us, "The remake will focus on the serial killer, who will wear his now-iconic hockey mask." So perhaps Padelecki is investigating the original incident well after it happened?

I can't say I'm overly anticipating this film, not just because of the lead, but because remakes of these sorts are always dicey. I enjoyed Massacre to an extent, but not as much as Rob Zombie's Halloween. Now that's a pretty good way to reinvigorate an old story.


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