Thursday, March 20, 2008

Four New Colorful Speed Racer Posters Arrive

Speed Racer

I'm in a Speed Racer high at the moment. The footage I saw at ShoWest just blew me away. Thankfully Warner Brothers has provided us with even more colorful Speed Racer goodies to hold us over until another trailer (if we get one more?) or at least until May 9th, when it hits both regular and IMAX theaters. Four new posters have arrived, including three character one-sheets and one kick ass regular poster. That last one may be my current favorite poster from 2008 - at least so far!

Thanks to Yahoo for originally debuting these in their Speed Racer gallery. Click each of the character posters below for full-size versions.

Speed Racer - Speed PosterSpeed Racer - Trixie PosterSpeed Racer - Racer X Poster

And one more full-size poster for all to enjoy.

Speed Racer Poster

I LOVE that last big poster - really well put together and great imagery. Already finding out how I can get my hands on one to put up on my wall in front of me to stare in awe at every single day. If you haven't already seen it yet - go watch the latest trailer. And if you have already seen it - go watch the latest trailer again! Only 51 more days to go until The Wachowski's Speed Racer hits theaters!

Speed Racer is written and directed by Larry and Andy Wachowski, directors of the Matrix trilogy and producers of V for Vendetta. The movie arrives in theaters this summer on May 9th.


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