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Fantasia And Oprah Bring ‘The Color Purple’ Back To Hollywood As Musical - SendMeRSS

Fantasia Barrino in 'The Color Purple'Given that he’s the most popular and successful director of all time, not many people would have the chutzpah to re-make a Steven Spielberg classic, let alone one that was nominated for eleven Academy Awards.

But, then, Oprah Winfrey ain’t exactly most people, Fantasia Barrino told MTV News, revealing that a movie adaptation of “The Color Purple” musical was in the works.

“That’s going to happen and I’m going to do it,” the former “Idol” champ said, smiling broadly.

Fantasia just ended her run as Celie in the popular show, a role made famous twenty years ago by then up and coming actress Whoopi Goldberg. Celie’s return can wait one more year, Fantasia teased, insisting that before she can commit to the flick, she has to go off and make some of her own music first.

“We haven’t started yet because I’m going to work on my album. I think it’s fair that I committed myself, and promised that after I finish going on a tour, I’ll be ready to come back and commit myself to Miss Celie again,” Fantasia explained. “I miss my music”

So impressed with her command of the role, Oprah & Co. are going to wait for Fantasia to be ready before moving ahead with the movie to musical to movie musical adaptation, the singer beamed.

“They’re going to work with me. They don’t have to [but] that’s a favor,” Fantasia said. “Working with someone like Miss Oprah who’s so talented and amazing - It’s a blessing.”

The movie musical will be the third big budget adaptation of the popular work about the struggles of a young, black girl in early 20th century America. Celie began life in the novel by Alice Walker.

What do you think of re-filming the story, this time as a musical, a la “The Producers” and “Hairspray”? Is Fantasia worth the wait? Sound off below.

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User comment: By: MsStrictlybiz
I saw her in the Broadway play and she was FANTASTIC! I can't wait for this movie this is awesome! Thanks MTV!
User comment: By: Michelle
Very,very happy about this. For us fans of Fantasia who live outside the USA we are anxiously waiting to see her on the big screen seeing that so many of us did not get to her on Broadway
User comment: By: Marilyn
I'm glad somebody in the industry is sitting up and taking notice of this multi-talented beautiful young lady. Her talent is pure gold and she has the personality to match. Good for you Oprah paving the way for Fantasia's talent to be seen by all. I am anticipating this with baited breath. Bring it on. Don't keep us waiting too long. Great news. Just GREAT!!!
User comment: By: shirleybw
Fantastic! She is an excellent choice and will be amazing! Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
User comment: By: andyec
I'm starting a special savings fund for this movie. 2 or 3 thousand dollars should cover it. Fantasia as Celie is something very,very special. I've never seen a better performance. If she's half as good in the movie,another AI alumn is gonna win an Oscar.
User comment: By: Matrella40
Just when I thought it couldn't get any better. I am loving this. Watching Fantasia on stage in New York embody all of Celie was awesome. Fantasia on screen in a role she was born to play is just freaking fantasic. God you ROCK and Oprah you ROCK. I can't wait to see the finished product, buy the DVD, buy the soundtrack...I am so ready for this. Fantasia keep your arms open for your blessings.
User comment: By: Kdollaz
I am so happy for Fantasia she is living her dream. I saw this on globalgrind and said to myself, yo Fantasia is living the life.
User comment: By: Dlarkins
User comment: By: Cheryl Burrell
Absolutely! She's so talented and sings with deep emotion. When she sung "I Here", it made the hairs on my arms raise up and gave me the chills. You go Fantasia. 8-()
User comment: By: rantnravn
Congrats Fantasia! O knows her stuff. I went to NYC to Tasia in the play and I am going to see the movie several times when it comes to the theatres and buy the DVD! Fantasia is going to do an outstanding job. This going the be the movie that earns Oprah and Fantasia many awards. It's going to be a blockbuster hit!!!
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