Friday, March 14, 2008

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Enchanted was one of those Disney films that reminded me of the charm and magic of Disney movies. The film was truly… well Enchanted. It is no wonder that it struck so close to the heart when you see the movie is clearly inspired by so many Disney animated classics come to the real world. shares:

On Tuesday, March 18, Walt Disney Home Entertainment will release the $310 million worldwide blockbuster Enchanted on both DVD and Blu-ray Disc. We have for you below an exclusive look at six scenes that depict Enchanted stills vs. the source of Classic Disney inspiration.

I didn’t want to post all the images, but I wanted to share at least one.

The romantic “date” that Giselle has with Robert is taken right from the most romantic notion shared in a Disney flick. Lady and the Tramp.

Notice the careful attention to detail as Giselle’s drapery princess dress matches the colour of Lady’s collar. And to resist completely ripping off the scene and having a shared bowl of pasta, they simply pay tribute to the source by making it an Italian restaurant with a tasty pizza holding the shot together.

Go to to see other frame by frame comparisons.

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