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At this point, status updates on Superman: Man of Steel are almost not worth mentioning. Just after the New Year arrived in January, we posted a rumor that filmmaker Bryan Singer might get cut from the upcoming Superman Returns sequel - there seemed to be some inside talk that Singer might be replaced in order to keep the sequel on track. Empire (and IESB) confirm today that Singer is indeed still attached, but the project is still quite a ways out. In fact, it doesn't even have a script yet (still), so as I said at the start, this really isn't going anywhere.

The rumor speculated that the sequel was in such a point of development hell that Singer mind end up just focusing on his other two projects, Valkyrie and The Mayor of Castro Street, instead, and in a desperate attempt to get a sequel made, Warner Brothers would push the project forward without Singer. However, Singer comes in and debunks that rumor straight up, at least as far as we know.

"Look, I can understand, I suppose, what some people mean. Perhaps some people went in with the expectation of it being like an X-Men film, and Superman is a tougher character than that. Especially bringing him back. It really goes back to the fact that you can only please some of the people some of the time. But, yes, I'm just getting back with writers after the strike. We're just in the development phase. I'm starting to develop a sequel…with the intention of directing it."

Singer also goes on to tell Empire that the first movie was "a romantic film and a nostalgic film" and that he would "be the first person to own up to that without making any apologies for it." Wow, awfully brash there Mr. Singer! At least he goes on to say that this next one may be a bit more threatening. "I knew it was going to be that from the outset. And now that the characters are established, there's really an opportunity to up the threat levels…Clearly there'll be a body count [laughs]. From frame one, it will be unrelenting terror!"

As we all know, unless a movie is shooting at this very moment, everything in regards to a project is usually all up in the air. As much as Bryan Singer says that he's directing and that a script will be put together sometime soon, it doesn't mean any of that will all happen as planned. We know all too well that Hollywood is an unpredictable place!

Instead of trying to debate whether Singer is really back on or decipher inside buzz to determine what the heck is happening with this project, I'm just going to pose a question. Do you even want Bryan Singer to return to make Superman: Man of Steel?

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User comment: By: Tirrell
#1 Matt Suhu "With Superman, Kal-El needs to go up against someone of his equal or greater. In example, another Kryptonian…General Zod, Brainiac, or even Doomsday (but I really wouldn't take the Doomsday route)." I'd love to see 3 maybe 4 new Superman movies starting with Brainiac and finishing with Doomsday. #15 PimpSlapStick was right on target. You can't say it any better than that, LMAO!
User comment: By: Jojo
Apparently a lot of money went on removing Brandon Routh's package that was so odd and bulgy when he wore the costume. It costed 50 million to remove that. Talk about waste of money.
User comment: By: OBsidianPrime
Superman Returns ROCKED!!! Ok so supes didn't throw punches around - but that is just a PART of what he is. What's he capable of is enormous strenght (the airplane and the krypton island lifting scene), the superbreath (snuffing out all flames ) - heat vision (burning up falling shrapnels to protect metropolitans undeerneath) and baseically super heroism !! Singer put all of this there.. adn remember - Superman Returns was an attempt not to reWRITE the superman mythology - but to reIntroduce it to a generation who either were exposed to the Superman 3 and 4 super trash movies and lost all faith in the guy - or none at all!! Now that he's explained all the characters, their dynamics and the basic villians (luthor of course and supermans struggle to find find his place on this world) - singer can leverage that into an ass-kicking sequel thats bound to be tied in many ways to Returns - and ppl can now relate to that so stop cribbing about it and see how beautifully every frame of SR was shot - and have faith in Singer - he listens to the fans and am DEAD sure SR2 is going to become the standard with which all future superhero movies will be judged against. LONG LIVE SUPERMAN!!! GO SINGER GO!!!
User comment: By: guitar hero
God I hate this news. All hope for a Superman revival gets crushed. Superman Returns butchered the character. It hacked his balls right off. Singer was given unlimited money and freedom to re-image Superman and Lex Luthor, and he delivers a retread of a movie made better 30 years ago. Deadbeat dad Superman lifts things, and gets a beatdown by silly real estate Lex. That was the best Singer could do? With all that potential, all that money and studio support, that is the best that Singer's imagination could come up with?
User comment: By: Matt Suhu
^ lol!
User comment: By: PimpSlapStick
Gotta be honest I fell asleep half way through Superman Returns and that should not happen in a Superman movie, I like Bryan Singer he's a really good director, but he's like the anti-Michael bay (Too much substance and not enough flash.) That can lead to shitty movies as easily as a Bay movie (All flash little to no substance, substance.) Superman returns was a piss poor movie, with a coma inducing plot, fetish like worship of Dick Donner, lame action (Superman Lifts stuff..*yawn*) and yet again Lex Luthor who we have seen countless times in the movies, t.v. shows, animation and comics. With the budget that Singer had the best he could muster was a friggin kryptonite continent? No Bizarro? No Parasite? No Mongul? No Brainiac? not even a fuckin' Toyman? c'mon. I'd rather they give the Superman franchise over to Michael Bay if I'm gonna suffer through a 'super baby' and Kal-El lifting shit.
User comment: By: Djoser
I only like action movies, I only like action, blah, blah, blah. I think Singer will do whatever he damn pleases. It's important that he be involved in developing the sequel, because he established a concise vision for the direction of Superman in his first film. What I find irresponsible is the posting itself, where Alex blatantly misinterprets Singer's quote. Talk about jumping the gun. Must be a real slow news day over there, huh? Singer's quote tells us everything we need to know. He's involved in developing it. Nothing else to be said b/c we've got nothing to go with. I was able to enjoy the first film b/c I snuck some beer in the theatre and me & my buddy had a good laugh. Overall the only things I've ever really liked about Superman were Alan Moore's bizarre one-shots, and what I've seen of Warner Bros. cartoon. As a character he's kind of a simpleton. I liked in the first series how they explored his dark side a bit- but by that I also don't want him staring at his belly button while on screen. Resisting all fan-boy temptations up till this point, I'll allow that, realistically, we're going to need two compelling villains to make up for the absence of one in the first film. Love Kevin Spacey, but Gene Hackman was a little more entertaining- much more of a 'Texan' if you catch my drift. Spacey's the king of subdued emotion & intentions. I don't know if that really translated well to the 'Trump-like' Lex that's been developed in comics & the animated series... My vote- for something new & different- would be either Bizarro, Mxyzpltk, or ... ? I guess, in the end, I just don't find the Superman universe all that interesting, so far adding 'realism' to it (which is what the best comics movies have done) to begin with!
User comment: By: Michael Hansen
User comment: By: Jojo
I didn't like SR because of its lack of action. Plain and simple.
User comment: By: maverick
I loved Superman Returns, and in regards to Singers comment about it being more nostalgic and romantic, I completely agree and support that what he set out to do with the movie, he accomplished. No, it was not heavily action oriented, and some are saying that it isn't holding up to all the superhero movies in this current era; but I don't believe that made it a bad movie whatsoever. What he did with the character, and the overall legacy, was give it even more depth that built on what was already established in our minds. It had been a long time since any of us encountered Superman on such a scale (unless you watch Saturday Morning Cartoons), and in a sense he brought him back for us to reminisce and to root for just like we did as kids at age 6. In a sense, it wasn't that Singer didn't put enough into the last movie, but it was that he left us with a want for MORE. Well here it is, and from what he says we're surely not going to be disappointed. Singer did right when he established the characters and didn't falter from what he set out to do; which was to give us a movie that had us cheering for the good guy and hating (with a passion) the bad guys. I didn't think I'd hate Lex Luther and his cronies as much as I did when I saw them kicking around our hero...that's just something that shouldn't happen. I'm even more relieved by the fact that brandon routh will be returning, because I don't think any other would be able to do the character as much justice as he did. People say they hated the movie, but they only wanted more and they're just going to have to admit that. Go to the movies and pretend your a kid again, and be amazed on how you'll come out with a more positive perspective on how you look at things in the future.
User comment: By: carter
yes. Superman Returns was very good. Everyone is unfair to this film. It was a beautiful looking film that had a couple of great action scenes (could've used more). But it was highly entertaining for me. It gets me frustrated that everyone hated it.
User comment: By: CSpuppydog
^Because it was a horrid movie. Superman didn't throw a fucking punch the entire movie. I loved singer when he did X-Men ten he had to fuck up and do this. I really hope this next one is better. Jojo ~ Learn what the fuck hack means before you use it.. Michale Bay is NOT a hack. Jesus Christ.. Alex the people you attract with your site... lol
User comment: By: Ryan
I HATED Superman Returns.
User comment: By: Scott
Superman Returns was a great homage to the Christopher Reeve era, but it did lack it's own personality. I'm okay with Singer coming back, along with the same cast, but hopefully they can stand on their own this time a bit more (not that they should ignore the legacy of I & II, of course)
User comment: By: Matt Suhu
Sorry...I meant James #4.
User comment: By: Matt Suhu
James #3...Superman Returns grossed $200 million domestically and $191 million internationally. Yes, Superman Returns is the best since the first one, but that doesn't automatically mean it's up to par to today's great action/superhero movies such as Batman Begins. And me going to see Singer's movies proves that I'm willing to give his work a chance. Once I pay and watch the film, then that gives me the right to praise or trash it anyway I see fit. And as for your X-Men comment...I am not Wizard Mag, nor do I work for please do not put me in the same category as them in which they rated X-Men 2 as the greatest superhero movie. After walking out of X-Men 1, I was somewhat pleased with Singer's work but I wanted more, and yet I understood that it was the first film and treading new ground is difficult. And so with X-Men 2, the expectations rose...but were not met. I have always hated X-Men 2 and will continue to do so. Bottom line, James, I have never professed to be a Singer lover ever. Even when he was announced to direct X-Men 1, I still had my reservations because The Usual Suspects is a totally difference genre than X-Men...and my reservations were correct. So I've given Singer 3 chances and if I had to take one side or the other...I'd say he failed.
User comment: By: James
I cruise these sites, hoping against hope to find a small morsal of information about upcoming movies, and instead all I ever encounter are you fanboys bitching none stop about movies that you never even gave a chance, yet helped make box office champs. Take Superman Returns... how much did that movie make worldwide? $400 million? $500 million? Granted, a little more action would have been nice, and I too am sick of Lex Luthor, but Superman Returns was the best Superman movie since the first one. I remember a time, not too long ago, when X-Men 2 was atop everyones list of the greatest superhero movies of all time. Wizard put it there, and it was atop many a poll taken on fan sites. Now you're all trashing Singer, saying the X-Men movies sucked, and that the guys a hack. Do any of you have lives? Careers, families, friends, etc? Normally I just ignore this shit, but this is so pathetic I had to say something. When Man of Steel opens, I'll be waiting to enjoy myself while you all wait to hate it, even though you'll still go pay good money to see it.
User comment: By: greg
Yes, but get a new screen writer! It's time that Hollywood starts embracing writers more familiar with writing comic book characters. For instance: comic book writers - DUH! These are the guys weaving memorable, long lasting and exciting tales of action and adventure each and every month! Writers like Geoff Johns for instance, whose first story arc on Action Comics was simply incredible and if adapted properly into a film would have made a much better film than Singer's. I think Singer is a talented director, but may need stronger material to pull from.
User comment: By: Jojo
^ agreed. But Michael Bay is a hack too.
User comment: By: Matt Suhu
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Bryan Singer is a terrible action director. Simply put...he does not have the imagination nor the filming ability to direct over the top action sequences. I do believe he's great at character development and interaction, and that's what made X-Men 1 pretty good, but other than that if you look at all his "action" films, he messes them up for the most part. He never fully utilizes his characters' full abilities or powers. Singer is just not creative with action scenes. Aside from the writers, Singer could have done so much for Superman Returns but instead he opted to use Lex Luthor as the main villain...boring and they've done that! Instead, Luthor should have been a supporting villain character. With Superman, Kal-El needs to go up against someone of his equal or greater. In example, another Kryptonian...General Zod, Brainiac, or even Doomsday (but I really wouldn't take the Doomsday route). With filming techniques and technology today, a battle scene with either villain just might surpass the chaos that occurred in the Transformers climax...with the right director. But instead, we had Luthor choking and kicking Superman...very not exciting. Bottom line, I do not want Bryan Singer to direct any superhero film. I know some people hate Michael Bay, but I really believe he'd be great to direct a Superman or JLA film (if he keeps their comic book costumes, rather than trying to use his own designs). And I think everyone would vote for Christopher Nolan as well.
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