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Brett Ratner

After finishing off the X-Men trilogy and the Rush Hour trilogy, Brett Ratner will be tackling Valiant Comics' Harbinger next. Well, not exactly next (maybe thankfully?), but Ratner is in talks to eventually direct Harbinger for Paramount Pictures. A script is still being written by an unannounced writer and as that comes together, Ratner will continue working on his other projects, which could move into production before this. Do I really need to ask - is anyone a fan of Brett Ratner or is anyone excited for this?

The comic book series was first published in the 1990s and created by Jim Shooter. Harbingers are humans with powers that can be unlocked by "omega" harbingers. Teenager Pete Stanchek finds himself on a collision course with an older "omega" who used his gifts to become an evil industrialist. Producer Alexandra Milchan explains, "the movie is in the vein of a young 'Blade Runner,' as this 17-year-old gifted kid helps other kids tap into these parts of their brains."

To be completely honest, I didn't really dislike X-Men 3, I actually liked it quite a bit. However, I love jumping on the Ratner hating bandwagon just for fun because there are many of you out there who do hate him for "butchering" that film. I'm curious to see whether Harbinger will be anything unique or just another big-budget teenaged sci-fi film like Jumper that may have a good concept and idea, but fails in its execution - as is typically the case with Ratner. Thoughts?

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User comment: By: jason_md2020
--Producer Alexandra Milchan explains, "the movie is in the vein of a young 'Blade Runner,' as this 17-year-old gifted kid helps other kids tap into these parts of their brains."-- How do kids with super powers have anything to do with arguably the most influential sci-fi film of all time? Has she even seen Blade Runner? Sorry, not interested. Why pay $8-$10 to see this crapstorm at a theater, when I can stay home & watch Heroes (which is probably better directed, acted & written) for free.
User comment: By: Djoser
Harbinger and Valiant in general are proof that premise alone can't make for good comics. I've only known one person in my whole life who liked these comics, and he's a very likable... how do put this lightly?... loser. Good luck trying to market THIS one! Especially after the X-bomb... Go back to Barberhouse/shop/whatever... Did you ever make a good movie? Maybe you should start there.
User comment: By: Matt Suhu
Ratner is a terrible director, period. Valiant had awesome stories with great character development. Harbinger is too plain to make as a movie (people with special powers). XO is too much like an Iron-Man. I don't think there's a market for a martial arts Rai or Ninjak movie. Bloodshot may be interesting, but his powers of nano computers in his blood is a bit boring. Instead Magnus would be great for a major motion picture because of its futuristic setting and the presence of robots.
User comment: By: Alfonso Alverez
This is pretty cool. I loved valiant and remember harbinger being a great comic. I could see this as a big franchise and am excited for the movie (despite ratner). Alot of the other valiant comics would be just as good, some better (xo, rai, ninjak, bloodshot) as movies
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