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Ask a Ninja Remakes Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!

Holy awesome! Although we forgot to mention that yesterday was the International Day of Awesomeness, we're making up for it today by announcing that the 1978's cult classic Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! is being remade. Get this though, the creators behind the (in)famous Ask a Ninja web series, Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine, are writing the script, and Nichols will be making his directorial debut. There's not much more news to report about this, but not much more is needed, because this is certainly now a day (late) of awesomeness for all of us.

The rights were acquired by M. Dal Walton III, the person behind the recent Day of the Dead and Terror Train remakes. Nichols says that any changes to the original plot have yet to be revealed, but of course "it still is expected to revolve around killer tomatoes." He also goes on to say he's a bigger fan of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! than you: "[the film] is the masterwork of a generation. We can only aspire to recapture that magic."

I wish I would have had the incredible pleasure of watching Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!, but unfortunately I'm a fool and haven't yet seen it. However, Neil from Film School Rejects exclaims, "it's a fucking classic, dude!" So I'll leave all the discussion on this up to all of you. First question - would a remake of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! even be that awesome? Second question - is it bad or good that this is a complete project from the Ask a Ninja team?

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!

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User comment: By: Djoser
Not sure if I'm remembering correctly, but things that stand out as Essentials for a remake: - Theme song update that preserves the character of the original's lo-fi operatic singer's voice, somehow. - Guy walks into a quiet library. Sits down and says: "To-ma-to" Screaming, near violent riot as everyone immediately runs in fear. - Paper Mache' tomatoes. On visible rollers. Attacking people in striped socks w/ headbands. I'm not particularly impressed w/ what little I've seen of Ask-a-Ninja, but that level of unprofessionalism might be exactly what a remake of this movie requires, to be done right! I'm laughing a little inside at the mere prospect of this.
User comment: By: Ryan
Hahahaha, this could be fun done right.
User comment: By: harrison
forget every other movie i planned on seeing, this is now top of my list, as neil said, its a fucking classic
User comment: By: AlexDeGruven
This is the most fantastic idea I've seen yet. Cross the classic campiness of the original with the fantastic writing/directing of the Ask A Ninja crew, and you've got yourself an epic adventure. Can I buy my tickets now?
User comment: By: Avelanch
to anwser your questions though: 1) I think it would be amazing to redo the attack of the killer tomatoes and update the special effects a tad and maybe make it a little more relevent to our times (without going overboard and changing the whole movie) 2) I think the "ask a ninja team" could do this movie great justice and hilarity WILL ensue (there had better be a ninja tomato, or "ninatoe" in there.
User comment: By: Avelanch
The tomato looks forward to killing you soon!
User comment: By: Alexander
This is by far, the most entertaining news I've heard in a really long time. This has shot right to the top of my most anticipated movies to come list. just one hundred percent B.A.
User comment: By: Neil Miller
I'm serious, man... Fucking classic!
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