Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ashley Greene Confirms New ‘Twilight’ Casting, Accessorizing With Fans

Ashley GreeneFirst off, Ashley Greene is like the nicest person I think I’ve ever talked to in my entire life. Secondly, she gave us tons of cool “Twilight” revelations when I interviewed her from the set of the movie, which resulted in this just-published article. Make sure you head over to the Movies site and check it out.

But in my mind, one of the most interesting characters in the series is Bella’s soft-spoken father Charlie. Naturally, I had to ask Ashley whether rumors on his casting were correct.

“Billy Burke is playing him,” she confirmed. “It’s funny, because he’s friends with a couple of my really good friends. He was in ‘Fracture,’ and ‘Untraceable’ with Diane Lane, which I really want to see. I’ve only met him once, and I don’t really have any scenes with him yet. But I think he’s a pretty good fit…He’s commented on making the character a strong character.”

A lot has also been made of Alice Cullen’s heightened sense of fashion, and whether the early shots of Greene are staying true to it. Appropriately, the actress revealed to me that some of the die-hard “Twilight” fans might be helping her out on that front.

“A lot of people want to make jewelry for me,” she laughed, referencing some of the fan-mail she’s already received. “There is a woman you makes her own jewelry and sells it, and she wants to make me some, and I said ‘Amazing, send it to my manager and they’ll get it right to me’.”

Unfortunately for the fan, however, Greene doubts any of her “Twilight”-inspired jewelry will end up on screen. “I don’t think I would wear it in the movie, because with wardrobe, if I have one necklace I have to have 30 of the same necklace, because it’s an action-type movie,” she explained. “But I will definitely try to get it [some exposure] somewhere. I’m sure there are gonna be plenty of interviews and guest appearances.”

What do you think of the cast so far? Does it make you more likely to give them the benefit of the doubt when you hear stories of them connecting with the fans?


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