Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Paul Rudd And Jason Segel Cast In I Love You Man - SendMeRSS

WakeupruddIt looks like Paul Rudd has firmly established himself on the beachhead and is marching forward for further box office plunder. We get wind of this warrior’s ongoing exploits through the hallowed halls of the Hollywood Reporter:

Paul Rudd is set to star in the comedy “I Love You, Man,” directed and written by John Hamburg for DreamWorks.

Jason Segel is in final negotiations to also star in the film, which centers on a man who seeks out a male friend to serve as the best man at his wedding. Rudd will play the soon-to-be betrothed, with Segel as his best man.

Old School seemed to open the door for dramas that involve men in their early 30’s wrestling with the life changes that adulthood thrusts upon them. Movies like this are essentially chick flicks for dudes; they make us feel like someone understands. Paul Rudd is becoming a staple actor in this genre and I cannot say that I mind.

Most people will get married and the choosing of the wedding party is certainly no small task. To hunt down a random unknown for your best man is certainly a funny idea and I think Segel will fit this role well. He came off as a charming pervert in Knocked Up and it will be good to see Rudd and himself in a more interactive relationship in this film.

International friends, what do you guys think about this film idea?

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