Thursday, December 27, 2007

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We have a trailer for the upcoming Knight Rider remake/made for TV movie. Thanks to ropesofsilicon for the hookup.

I refuse to support and/or endorse any K.I.T.T. that is not a Pontiac Trans Am. I do not care if I am being petty or childish, it just doesn’t sit right. If you want other sentient cars to be different models - that is fine, but remaking a classic series and then changing the iconic car makes zero sense to me. If it ain’t broke ….

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User comment: By: Franklin
I don't know how many football fans we've got checking this out, but if you watch NBC's Sunday Night Football GM (the makers of Pontiac) is a huge sponsor. So it makes it really weird that this NBC show forgoes using at least some kind of Pontiac for the show.
User comment: By: Kristina
My only exposure to Knight Rider is a two second spoof from Chappelle's Show when the car is portrayed as racist and says, "Puerto Ricans are lazy, Michael!" Other than that, don't care.
User comment: By: Stevie B
Hello Mike??? Sounds so wrong.
User comment: By: ouija
Yeah, kind of a stupid idea. Kitt being different doesnt bother me...them making the show bothers me. (BTW, The Pontiac Trans AM has been out of production for a few years now...)
User comment: By: Kevin C
This is just a terrible idea period. From soup to nuts just wrong, wrong, wrong.
User comment: By: Melbye
GOB Bluth as KITT just feels wrong. I fear this might turn into a new Bionic Woman
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