Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Hulk Drawing From Production - SendMeRSS

We have obtained a sketch of the Hulk that has been released from the crew that is currently making the movie. The picture was made available to us thanks to our friends at comingsoon:


If this is the look we can expect to see in the movie, then I am wholeheartedly on board with their vision. This picture looks like a classic Hulk but avoids getting too overblown and overly cartoonish. We will have to wait and see what the CGI Hulk will look like, but if he looks close to this; I will certainly be pleased.

What do you guys think of this pic?

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User comment: By: robert
User comment: By: alpoc
this is a really nice piece of art, reminds me of a dale keown hulk, but it proves very little concerning a 3d rendered cgi character. i don't see the correlation between ang's hulk and shrek except they were both green. i think ang's hulk was cool until he went beyond 10 feet. his look after the full transformation at his house was perfect. i do feel that they failed to maintain that same hulk look throughout the movie.
User comment: By: ouija
I thought the last hulk looked fine...its just there wasnt enough "Hulk asskicking"
User comment: By: Karl Hungus
That looks decent, but it's hard to get excited over a production sketch.
User comment: By: Kevin C
Ill reserve judgement until I see something that moves. My first impression is that I like it though. I dont see a whole lot of difference between this and Ang Lees, except for the color and the face.
User comment: By: Amish_Bill
Two words: Hulk. Smash.
User comment: By: Toms
Edward Norton better start working out.
User comment: By: DarkKinger
That is a very good pic. Nothing to get me excited yet, but hopefully the CGI is just as good.
User comment: By: Daryl
Better than Ang Lee's Shrek-Hulk
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