Thursday, December 27, 2007

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We have the first picture from the set of Meet The Spartans. We were made aware of this image thanks to our friends at moviesonline:


I am not looking forward to this movie. I loved 300 and have no desire to see it bastardized by spoof movies that lampoon current events. I suppose one reason to see this film would be Carmen Electra. Her visage has been known to help many a sailor on long lonely nights. Does anyone else think that the dudes have had their guts airbrushed? It looks like Sorbo has a filthy stomach.

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User comment: By: leeloo
lol those abs are teh hotness.
User comment: By: cosmic
this is going to be PURE shit..
User comment: By: Meli
UGH! Spoof movies in this day and age are utter crap. It makes me sad how way too people still pay for this trash.
User comment: By: ouija
You know, this is gonna be crap. Why cant we see something slapstick equivalent to say.... Airplane?
User comment: By: Viddy
Hmmm. Well this pic is kind of old. I know I have seen it before. Anyway, this will most likely be shite. But I can enjoy spoof movies, so I might just see it. ;)
Jesus.....who is paying for this looks like its from the people who made epic movie....that was the first movie i got pissed off while watching was the worst excuse for a movie ever......throwing a whole bunch of pop culture references and scenes from from better movies isnt a spoof.....its a jumbling mess if you're gonna spoof 300 you dont need brittney spears references or stomp the yard puns.....just spoof the one movie itself......dont know why the trend for modern spoof movies is to just throw everything thats been on mtv in the past into movie and call it a spoof......just makes for a horrible viewing experience......and what makes thing worse is that they make money....sigh
User comment: By: @spence
I think this will be crap....would anyone like to see an Andromeda movie or new series with sorbo in it, or am I the only one.
User comment: By: DarkKinger
It looks like a shitty movie to me.
User comment: By: Rafa1215
This is great. I love spoof movies sometimes. Some movies and some audiences take movies too seriously. Remember people - it's just a movie.
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