Thursday, December 27, 2007

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Greetings folks, and welcome to the last Movie Blog Uncut podcast for the year of 2007. It’s been a year of many changes, but we’re ending it on a high note and look forward to all the amazing stuff ahead in 2008. That being said, it’s business as usual today on the podcast as we talk about:

1) Alien vs Predator - Requiem

2) Walk Hard

3) National Treasure 2

4) Meet The Spartans

5) Ali G and Borat being retired

6) Semi-Pro and getting tired of Will Ferrell

7) Jessica Simpson breaks new Box Office LOW record

8) Dee Snieder of Twisted Sister

All this and a few things more

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User comment: By: Ryan
John, I'm going to have to echo what Kristina had to say. Any comments on "The Dark Knight"? I hope there's no conflict of interest. You posted the trailer with zero comment on what you thought about it. You said you would address it in this podcast, no mention. What's up. My guess is more people are curious of what you think of "The Dark Knight" trailer than your review for "AVP2".
User comment: By: Phil Gee
I guess the time has passed for that now Kristina, which is a shame. I saw the prologue today in IMAX with 'I Am Legend' (which i really enjoyed actually) and having already seen the youtube version didn't take away from my enjoyment at all. It was a real treat. Thanks for the show John & Doug.
User comment: By: AjaxLou
As for Walk Hard its not the trailers, its the concept. Not enough there for a movie. Its an idea better suited to a 15 minute SNL skit.
User comment: By: AjaxLou
300 is not the bar I would use to gauge a successful action movie. Aliens, Predator, Die Hard are far better barometers to mark against.
User comment: By: Grundy
The line "Suck my cock, I'll murder your family", from the red band Semi-Pro trailer won me over for that movie.
User comment: By: Kristina
And are you guys ever going to talk about the Dark Knight trailer?
User comment: By: Josh Kelhoffer
Whats wrong with having just one Predator? I never had any problems with that or the lack of CGI. I did find the film a little too mean. I wish they had made the film like the game. Have the film take place on LV-426, the planet from the first two Alien films, and have the human characters be the marines. Which is how one of the video games was like. I did like how the film often looked like ALIENS. i also liked the use of sound effects, and how the music sorta sounded like the scores from ALIENS and PREDATOR. I guess thats why I was more forgiving. I hated the main characters. WHy do films like FVJ and AVP feel like they have to have main characters anyway? They never try to give us real character, they give us cliches of character, whats worse is that the cliches are high school comedy cliche. The parts of FJV and AVP:R were fun and entertaining, despite being silly.
User comment: By: Kristina
Walk Hard tanked because the marketing looked AWFUL. The trailers were bad, and when I saw it in theaters, nobody laughed. NOBODY. They didn't make me laugh at all. Meet the Spartans will suck, but I'll admit that the breakdancing part of the trailer made me laugh. I am getting a little sick of Will Ferrell, but I still like the guy. My parens got me tickets to his comedy tour for Xmas. He's coming to UNC-Chapel Hill in February. Jessica Simpson should be hung by her boobs in public and stoned to death.
User comment: By: poops
i was just about to turn off my laptop b/c there was nothing more to do online then BAMO!!! movieblog podcast time
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