Monday, December 17, 2007

Marc Forster Surprised By Controversy Whipped Up By Kite Runner - SendMeRSS

Thekiterunnerpic1The Hollywood Reporter has a very good interview with director Mark Forster regarding the hoopla caused by The Kite Runner in war ravaged Afghanistan. Here is an excerpt from the full interview for your enjoyment:


Marc Forster: I didn’t. It’s a book that sold 8 million copies around the world, and what makes me sad is … it’s a story which doesn’t deal with violence and terrorism in that part of the world. It deals with healing. It deals with forgiveness. So I really didn’t think there would be a controversy. And when I cast the movie, Kabul was a much safer place. There was this feeling in the air of a new beginning, a start of democracy. Now, the situation in Afghanistan has become much more dangerous, which is why the studio (DreamWorks/Paramount Classics) wanted to take the precaution to get the kids out. There have been no threats so far. They are fine; they are going to school.

Who knew a movie about peace could be such a problem. Nothing seems to measure tolerance better than media. From Danish Cartoons to American Rock and Roll, differing voices have met with strong opposition since the beginning of time; it just seems strange that with the internet age upon us, people are still trying to silence their ideological foes. It is now impossible, ideas live forever in here - you will have better luck fighting the wind. Give up and do your own thing.

News like this makes me thankful for the level of free speech that much of the world enjoys today. We are forever indebted to the printing press and Martin Luther. Silencing ideas before them used to be as easy as killing a few people and burning some scrolls. Long live the internet.

People can have a problem with this movie all they want, be my guest. Just allow others to have the opportunity to enjoy it, and don’t murder the actors. I consider that to be a fair compromise.

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User comment: By: dougnagy
all this over a little anal rape?
User comment: By: CrzyDJM
I read the book...The controversy is coming from a scene in the book, a pretty pivotal scene that emasculates the males in Afghanistan... ***SPOILER ALERT*** One of the boys is raped and the other just watches instead of defending him. THAT'S the main plot point that has the Afghanis up in arms...
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