Tuesday, December 11, 2007

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SEGA rules kids. They made Virtua Fighter (which in my humble opinion is the greatest fighting game of all time), and now they use their genius to craft a game for the Iron Man film. I gotta say, this looks like it could be a bitchin’ “adapted from a movie” game. Usually games like this suck, but it looks good… we will wait and see.

Watching video games develop has been one of the most rewarding evolutions that has happened during my lived existence. We now are able to create virtual worlds that are superior to our own. As soon as we are able to download our consciousness - I will be in line.

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User comment: By: Monty
There was a time I considered Sega to be one of the best game developers on the planet, but those days have long since past, their recent offerings can be considered mediocre at best. As an Ironman fan I hope Sega can return to form, but I'm not holding out for much hope.
User comment: By: DJ Machismo
I was thinking about sending this to John or Doug earlier today. Since its already up, here is a link to the HD version of the trailer. Also has an embedding feature if someone wants to do that as well. http://www.gametrailers.com/player/28758.html
User comment: By: Phil Gee
Ha ha, that's a cool last line. Go Downey Jnr, Go.
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