Tuesday, December 11, 2007

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Here are four fab shots from the upcoming Alien vs. Predator: Requiem. For the rest of the shots, feel free to check them out in the fabled caves of Yahoo:





Everything seems to look pretty sweet. I am just concerned, like most, about the quality of the story. We do not need a dramatic masterpiece, but we do need a story that leads up to maximum violence without getting in the way. From what I have seen in the trailers thus far, this film looks like it will be competing with Rambo 4 for ultra violent film of the year.

You see, when we have an alien VS a predator I really do not give a damn about anything else. I want to see an advanced alien species fighting a killing machine of evolutionary perfection in my own back yard. I want to see the Predator spill acid blood on the front lawn of the White House - Dept. of National Security, deal with this!

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User comment: By: Lee
I want to be open minded for this second attempt, but I fear it will be as bad as the previous film. The predalien is a bit funky looking imo, but the wolf predator looks pretty cool.
User comment: By: bassturd
as for the story it looks like it starts off right after the first one ends. The alien burts out of the Predator's chest and kills some Predators on the ship which makes it crash to Earth. Face huggers escape the ship as well as Predators and shit ensues with us being raped in the middle. Sounds like a good time.
User comment: By: bassturd
You can watch the first five minutes of the movie on some site...forgot where. That plus the redband trailer is suprisingly getting me excited for the film. Originally I thought there was no way in hell I'd see it. Looks way better than the original but extremely nasty/gory from the redband trailer.
User comment: By: @spence
I dont really like the look of the Predator Alien...The Predator in the bottom pic looks pretty sweet. but thats it, probably will pass seeing this in the theaters, may rent it.....
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predator said...

The scenes from Predator are amazing. It's a reason why I like, and actually prefer, science fiction movies- the originality and special effects of the scenes.

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