Monday, December 10, 2007

Walk to Beautiful Wins Over Sicko - SendMeRSS

Despite the fact that this movie didn’t even rank an Oscar nomination, the International Documentary Association has given its top award to Walk to Beautiful reports:

A Story about five Ethiopian women in search of medical care, and it beat out Sicko, Crazy Love, Taxi to the Dark Side, and Operation Homecoming:

Interestingly enough both deal with similar content matter (aquiring health care where their home country does not provide it) but the snarky pseudocomedic efforts of Michael Moore was not enough to edge out the competition.

Moore’s often contraversial topics and irreverant approach seem to make the cornerstone of his documentary’s entertainment value but also draw a great deal of criticisms from those who disagree with his stance on nearly every topic he takes on. Though he didn’t win the Best Doc category, he is likely proud enough to be walking away with the Career Achievement Award.

Interestingly enough the winning documentary has yet to be picked up for theatrical release or distribution and your best chance of viewing Walk to Beautiful is on public broadcasting next spring.

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