Tuesday, December 11, 2007

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I can’t explain why, but I’m getting more and more excited about seeing Jumper. Yes, at first to me it sounded like a bad mix between a Nighcrawler spin off and the Highlander TV Show… but the more I’ve read about it, and the more I’ve seen, the more enthusiasm I seem to get generating for it (and no, it’s not even because I’m an extra in it).

Anyway, a new Jumper Poster has come our way via latinoreview and I think I like it more than the original one. Nothing fantastic, but it’s a good little poster.


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User comment: By: tobor68
will it be called sweater in the UK?
User comment: By: Viddy
I like the poster, it's minimalist and all that. But "Jumper" is an awful name.
User comment: By: iProtestant
@2: his crotch is monumental.
User comment: By: david
It looks pretty cool...especially since it doesn't suffer from 'floating heads' syndrome like so many posters this days!
User comment: By: Terry Letourneau
And all this time I thought I was the only one that called my crotch Big Ben.
User comment: By: Terry Letourneau
Anakin Skywalker is 'THE ONE'.
User comment: By: Rafa1215
The poster looks like an music album cover to me.
User comment: By: bassturd
he has buidling on his crotch!
User comment: By: Jay
With a good cast lineup (Samuel Jacksin, Diane Lane, Jamie Bell) and decent director, this one can be a sleeper hit.
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