Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Machine Girl Trailer - SendMeRSS

My good friend The HMC (Healthiest Man in Canada) brought this trailer to my attention on facebook tonight. As I Googled for information about this amazing film, I was not surprised to find months of coverage about the movie from Todd “The Omniscient of all Things Awesome” Brown over at Twitch. Ladies and gentlemen, I may not know everything about movies; but I know a lot of people that do. We all benefit when we share what entertains us.

I present to you the new Machine Girl Trailer:

This is everything I want to see in a movie.

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All that's missing is the rocket toting dinosaur.
User comment: By: Nick
According to IMDb, this is real. This trailer does remind me of those contest trailers.
User comment: By: haole
For some reason this reminds me of the many home made Grindhouse trailers that I think were part of a Roderiguez contest. Is this legit?
oh....my.....god!!!! that was the most insane, awesome shit ever....DRILL BRA'S, NINJAS, oh God...I just had my first baddassness boner....and it feels great!
User comment: By: Spazmo
Drill Bra's! The gift that keep on giving...
User comment: By: sleeve
you're joking, right?
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