Monday, October 20, 2008

Jackson Confirms more Fury in IronMan 2

Not that IronMan didn’t pan out as a wet dream to geeks, the one geektastic moment of IronMan was the stinger at the end of the credits with Samuel L Jackson putting flesh to the role of Nick Fury introducing himself to Stark.

Obvious to comic fans everywhere, this was to allude to the potential Avengers movie. But does this mean that Nick Fury will be more predominate in the much anticipated IronMan 2. says:

Jackson replied that as a matter of fact, IRON MAN director Jon Favreau spoke to him at the Scream Awards last night, (dammit, IESB was there but neither of them walked the red carpet!), and Favreau told Jackson that Nick Fury would have a much more prominent role in the second one. Which honestly isn’t hard to accomplish considering he was relegated to the end of the film with a very short cameo.

Samuel L Jackson was an obvious pick for Fury since they wanted to match the Ultimates version of the character which was drawn in Jackson’s likeness. (Otherwise I would have wanted the late Jack Pallance to play him - thats always how I pictured him)

Jackson is a geek. Oh, I know he is all badass and people will pay him money just to say muthafukka. But remember this is the man who got the role of Mace Windu because he ASKED for it. He also geekgasmed on Jay Leno over his role in Star Wars by showing off his action figure. He loves this stuff.

So I had no doubt that the same actor would play Fury. Jackson just would want it that way. But the bigger question was whether he would be written into the story. I am happy to hear that it is.

This logical step that Marvel Films is taking to tie in all their movies is only going to spell out for success.


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