Monday, October 20, 2008

Daniel Craig Turns Down Thor

Daniel Craig ShirtlessThe scoop lords over at IESB have let us in on some saucy news! It appears capitalist commander Sanchez has found out that Daniel Craig turned down the role of Thor!

IESB asked if Craig was interested in doing something a little different character-wise, like Thor? Craig said no, he turned it down and laughed about it.

Sanchez continued, "seriously, I heard the folks over at Marvel had you on a short list to be Thor."

Craig said yes they [Marvel] did approach him but he turned it down. He added jokingly, it would have been too much of a power trip, both Bond and Thor, and running around with long hair and a hammer.

May your laughter turn to locusts that eat for face Craig! The thunder god will not be scoffed!

I am glad Craig turned down Thor, I like him as an actor but I can’t see him in a winged helmet holding an Uru hammer. Brad Pitt on the other hand, is man that was born to wear a winged helmet. I just wish he was taller, but platform boots could save the day. Thor wore pretty magnificent boots and building them up would certainly work for both practical and aesthetic purposes.

Would any of you have like to see Craig as Thor? I like him as James Bond but am glad he passed on this one. If any of you disagree with me, I would love to hear your reasons why or even alternate casting choices.


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