Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Transformers 2 Casting Call in Philadelphia

Transformers 2 is going to be talked about a lot here, and it is just beginning. Filming locations and reports are coming in from all over and we reported two current locations that are soon to be invaded. Bethlehem Steel will become an industrial Japanese locale, and Philidelphia is going to be providing the University campus for Sam.

Now the casting call has been thrown out for Philly residents who want to be in the film, but don’t jump just yet unless you have your SAG card handy.

SuperheroHype says

Needed are SAG background men and women, ages 18-65, all ethnicities, for scenes to shoot in the Philadelphia, PA and Princeton, NJ areas. Shooting will take place in June 2008.

We especially need college-age talent for this project.

If interested and available, please e-mail a picture/resume to

If your headshot is older than one year, do NOT send it. Instead, send a recent snapshot - that has you alone in the picture – a close-up is preferred (no party pictures holding a beer…)
Your picture must be attached as a “.jpeg" file.

I didn’t post this to rub it in to those superfans in Philly who were hoping to be on set for this movie. I posted it because of the direct contradiction presented in this announcement.

They INSIST on using SAG certified background actors. Presumably because they want professionalism, and not some freaky fanboy wasting film. I am assuming they wont wast their time with hacks. Professionals right?

Then they feel the need to add the line “no party pictures holding a beer”

What? Really? These professionals you are counting on would do that? Hell, I have never been an extra on set but if I had to send in a picture to be considered not only would it be current, but it would be the very BEST picture of me that I could find. I would run down to Walmart in the hopes that they could make me look better.

Party pictures holding a beer? Have they been sent this before???

I am speechless.



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