Thursday, May 8, 2008

Matthew Vaughn No Longer Directing Thor

What is with Matthew Vaughn signing up to direct Marvel movies and then dropping out (or being dropped).

As some of you remember, Matthew Vaughn (who did an amazing job directing “Stardust”, probably the single most over looked movie from last year) was originally supposed to direct the last X-Men film but then he backed out at the last minute to then be replaced by Brett Ratner.

It was with great joy that we then heard Vaughn was brought on to direct the new Marvel film “Thor”. This was great news for the god of thunder. However, it appears that yet again, Matthew Vaughn is off a marvel film he was supposed to do. The good folks over at IGN give us this:

“Matthew Vaughn no longer is attached to direct the project because his holding deal expired December.” Marvel Studios is currently waiting for I Am Legend screenwriter Mark Protosevich to turn in a script polish. “It’s very much a Marvel superhero story but against the backdrop of nothing you’ve seen before,” Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said of Thor.”

So another possible Vaughn directed superhero movie dream gets shattered yet again. I can’t really tell if this was a matter of Vaughn deciding to drop out, or if the studio decided to go in a different direction. It doesn’t matter… this is BAD news. I love Vaughn’s style and I think he would have done a masterful job with Thor. Having said that, they can still get another great director who could also do a great job… it’s just a shame that it won’t be Vaughn.

What are your thoughts? Who could you see directing Thor now that Vaughn is off?


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