Thursday, May 22, 2008

Captain America will be set in World War 2

Apparently a big pile of media types got to sit in with Kevin Feige and chatting worked its way around to questions about Marvel Films. Specifically Captain America and his two appearances slated for 2011 films, The First Avenger:Captian America and The Avengers later that summer. says:

IESB asked Feige if the Captain America film would be a period piece. He confirmed yes, the story will take place during World War II, just like the comic book origin story. He says they plan to remain very faithful to the source material and completely traditional.

Feige also confirmed that it was definitely the Captain America shield that was seen in IRON MAN on Tony Stark’s work-station as he’s removing his suit for the first time. It’s just an Easter Egg and probably won’t have anything to do with the Capt. America story

I like that they confirmed the Easter Egg bit in IronMan as I tend to geek out about movie crossovers and tributes (you should have seen me go into fanboy mode in the XMen films)

But more importantly, I am jonesed about the idea that they are going with a World War 2 Captain America story (I hope they do the traditional pointy shield) and likely that will mean that Steve Rogers gets himself frozen like Encino Man to be thawed out later for the Avengers Movie. I speculated this might happen and it seemed like the logical thing to do with the movies both coming out in the same season. Hype on top of more hype=money.

And despite how inspired I thought the casting of Matthew McConaughey would have been its been debunked from the source, so the debate rages on (please don’t pick a professional wrestler!!)

Pssst. DC/WB? See? Ok, go back to work.

This reminds me of that calm reassuring feeling like when your mommy kisses the booboo better. Its just words, but it makes you so confident that everything is going to be alright.


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