Tuesday, August 19, 2008

X-Files 3 Direct to DVD

The rule of thumb with the Hollywood Machine is that if a movie makes a lot of money they make a sequel. If it bombs, they wont (but sometimes they try anyways) but if it sits somewhere comfy in the middle, we get a Direct to DVD money grab.

Well it seems an X-Files 3: I Want to sell more movies, is being considered - direct to DVD.

Movieweb says:

Dread Central received word from an insider that plans are in motion for a third X-Files film, although it would probably go straight to the video shelves.

I was never a big X-Files fan and never got sucked into that show. However I do know a pile of people who were, and even they didn’t even bother with X-Files 2.

So is there enough interest in this to justify a third movie? Is the newly hot again Gillian Anderson that hard up for work?

Would you be into an X-Files 3?

User comment:
X-Files 2 just wasn't the movie that X-Files fans wanted to see it wasn't shitty by any means and while I won't go as far as to say that it was anything that good I will say that it was decent and it's problem is that it comes off more like episode rather than a film. That's the problem with X-Files 2 is that it's more or less another episode rather than something epic that couldn't be done on TV and it needed to be a movie. I still think an X-Files 3 would work and be fairly successful but it needs to be a grand story and not another story that's something that could have been told via TV.
User comment:
I loved X-Files 2. Sure, it wasn't AS good as it could have been, but I still enjoyed what we got. I'll look forward to a third movie, no matter the medium it's released in.
User comment:
I'll be okay with an X-Files 3. But seeing as I haven't seen the movie X-files 2 yet, which many people say was too little too late, I think I'll pass on making any sort of judgment on X-Files 3.
User comment:
The movie was well done, sorry if there weren't enough special effects for the legion of fanboys. Anyone with any knowledge of the "stand-alone" eps appreciate what Carter and Co. put out on a $30 million budget! It fell into the category of "Quiet Horror" by the way....Charles Grant, H.P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, Bentley Little, etc... Hammer films wrote the book on doing a lot with less ("Horror of Dracula, etc...) The Hulk had a huge budget and although I did like it I felt something was off a little, same for Indy 4. The film dealt with serious issues that don't lend themselves to elaborate effects-driven product. If the next one is a Direct-to-DVD I'll check it out.
User comment:
I thought it was a good movie but it was very dark. It certainly wasn't a summer movie and I think it would have done far better with a winter or late fall release.
User comment:
I would be in support of some direct-to-DVD sequels. It isn't hard to imagine those becoming popular. They should have been doing those for years now! The X-Files DVD seasons still sell pretty well so I figure this would be a good movie in resurrecting the fan base and maybe even bringing in some new fans!
User comment:
Well, I don't know what the hell Carter has been thinking about with this series for some time....maybe $ I loved the show, but it ran too long. The last two seasons were really not that great, they should have ended the series when Duchovny wanted to quit. I think this movie is really just an extension of that, Ididn't hate it, but it wasn't good. It kinda' reminds me of Murder She Wrote now that Mulder and Scully are outside the FBI. I guess they will travel from town to town investigating "the Darkness" I guess if you think about it, minus millenium, everything else Carter has done has not been very good, neat ideas suffering from bad scripts...too bad I had high hopes.


Anonymous said...

X-files really wasn't that good; it could've been so much more. It was made popular because of the alien plots and different stories, while still being somewhat believable.

I agree, being outside the FBI is just odd. I'd love to see an X-Files 3, but only if it deserves to be made.

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