Friday, July 25, 2008

Red Sonja Posters Revealed

The super hot Red Sonja posters were revealed yesterday at ComicCon as Rodriguez and ex-girlcandy Rose McGowan announced the film was a go. They also showed a few other things to show you what Rose will look like as the iconic warrior woman.

The posters look great.

Rodriguez also went on to explain that the film would be very dark, following more along the lines of the novels than the comics. The most important difference between this incarnation and the original, however, came courtesy of Rose McGowan, who noted, "I wont have a mullet."

Amen. Mullets are not sexy.

Well as I predicted, Rose makes for a sexy hot chick in a chain mail bikini brandishing a badass sword. The flowing red hair is a bit much (still sexy but impractical) but it is probably the only thing that keeps her warm at night considering how little she is wearing. And oh my she is wearing little.

Speaking of little, did you notice that the sword she is using looks like it weights about as much as she does? I am still skeptical about how they are going to make this barbarian woman convincing flipping a sword like that around. They likely have to make it out of balsa wood just so Rose can pick it up.

But if they made her use a katana or something more physically appropriate, she wouldn’t really be channelling Red Sonja would she?


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