Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Christian Bale Eager to Bring Terminator Back, Batman-Style, With Sequels

Christian BaleAfter a decade of floating beneath Hollywood’s radar with critically-acclaimed films like “Empire of the Sun” and “Laurel Canyon” and decent-but-overlooked flicks like “Equilibrium” and “Reign of Fire,” Christian Bale is now the new king of the popcorn movie. And after the record-breaking opening of “The Dark Knight,” he hopes to similarly re-launch another mega-franchise (when he’s not turning himself into police, that is…click here to read the breaking news on Bale’s arrest).

“It will be in a similar fashion to the way that ‘Batman Begins’ revitalized and reinvented,” Bale told us recently about “Terminator Salvation,” the May 22, 2009 film that has Bale picking up the John Connor role previously occupied by Eddie Furlong, Thomas Dekker and Nick Stahl. Director McG has been known to compare the “Terminator” re-launch with Chris Nolan’s Batman series, and Bale revealed to us that he hopes to do several sequels.

“I see there is great potential for reinvention and revitalization of the mythology of it,” Bale said, hoping to leave the Schwarzenegger stigma far behind. “And that’s what I’m aiming to do. That’s what I feel like our responsibility is; otherwise there is no point in making it.”

Bale explained that the script, written by David C. Wilson (”Supernova”) and “Terminator 3″ writers Michael Ferris and John D. Brancato, is similar to “Batman Begins” in that it brings a fresh perspective to a fatigued series, while keeping one foot firmly planted in the past. “In ‘Terminator’ we are continuing a mythology,” he insisted. “We don't ignore a mythology, [similar to what] we did with Batman.”

If you could only see one Christian Bale blockbuster today, which would you rather watch: The next “Terminator” or the next “Batman” film?

Source: Christian Bale Eager to Bring 'Terminator' Back, Batman-Style, With Sequels


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